In a special paper produced for the 2018 World Tra

first_imgIn a special paper produced for the 2018 World Travel and Tourism Council Summit (WTTC) held in Buenos Aires last week, the authors – Deloitte Global travel, hospitality and leisure leader Adam Weissenberg and Guy Langford, Deloitte US travel, hospitality and leisure leader – have reviewed the current state of play of the global travel industry and identified future issues, and the focus areas necessary to drive the industry forward. Adele Labine-Romain, Deloitte Australia national tourism, hospitality and leisure leader, says that from an Australian perspective, topics covered in the paper – Moving the global travel industry forward – including data to personalise the customer experience, and the risks around data and technology, together with the battle for the consumer and ‘unlocking the power of adjacent spaces’, will be of specific interest.While hotels and airlines represent the bulk of industry gross bookings, most travelers do not take trips to sit on airplanes and spend time in hotel rooms. Whether they want to unwind on an exotic beach, try new cuisines, or explore ancient ruins – travel centers around experiences. Today’s biggest travel suppliers can benefit from thinking outside the box, and find ways to be more relevant to their customers across their travel journeys. For many, this means looking outside their core competencies like flights and hotels, and exploring the power of adjacent spaces. Deloitte Globalpapertravel industrylast_img