The King Will Not Allow People to Tarnish a Citizens Reputation

Rabat – In a statement from the Ain El Borja prison in Casablanca, detained Moroccan journalist Taoufik Bouahcrine, has denounced the sexual assault charges he is currently facing.In the statement, which was printed on his news website Alyaoum24, Bouachrine calls his arrest the result of “a conspiracy that I will reveal before the justice [system].”Bouachrine, who was quoted by one of his lawyers added that, he is “certain” that “King Mohammed VI will not allow, in any way, [anyone] to tarnish the reputation of a citizen and a journalist, and to harm his rights and threaten his life and the life of his family by defaming him in the media.” The journalist, who is also the director of Moroccan newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum, added that the Moroccan judicial police “ did not operate in accordance with the law and legality throughout their inspection.”Bouachrine added that the recordings and video evidence of the sexual misconduct charges were placed in his office in order to direct heavy charges to destroy him and to his pen.”“I will reveal all the details of this plots and its motives before the court,” concluded Bouahcrine.Bouachrine was arrested on February 24, at the headquarters of Akhbar Al Yaoum.He is facing several charges, including human trafficking, the exploitation of people in need, and the abuse of power for sexual purposes. Bouachrine is also suspected of other crimes, including violent rape and attempted rape. The communiqué added that there nearly 50 tapes of the sexual assault incidents recorded on a hard disk and a digital video recorder.The public prosecutor of Casablanca’s Court of Appeal has reportedly received eight new complaints from eight alleged victims, reporting their own claims of sexually assault against the detained journalist.Bouachrine will be presented before the court on March 8. read more

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Amtrak to install longsought cameras in locomotives to help with crash investigations

by Joan Lowy, The Associated Press Posted May 26, 2015 9:10 am MDT Last Updated May 26, 2015 at 7:10 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this May 12, 2015 file photo, emergency personnel work the scene of a train wreck An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and crashed in Philadelphia. Amtrak says it will install video cameras inside locomotive cabs that record the actions of train engineers. The move follows a deadly derailment earlier this month in which investigators are searching for clues to the train engineer’s actions just before the crash. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek, File) WASHINGTON – Amtrak said Tuesday it will install video cameras inside locomotive cabs to record the actions of train engineers, a move that follows a deadly derailment earlier this month in which investigators are searching for clues to the train engineer’s actions before the crash.The Amtrak engineer, Brandon Bostian, suffered a head injury in the accident in Philadelphia and has told investigators he can’t remember what happened. Northeast Regional train 188 accelerated to a speed of 106 miles per hour in the last minute before entering a curve where it derailed. The speed limit for the curve is 50 mph. The crash left eight people dead and about 200 injured.The train was equipped with a “black box” data recorder and an outward-facing camera focused on the track ahead, but neither of those devices reveals what was happening inside the cab.The National Transportation Safety Board has been recommending that the Federal Railroad Administration require passenger and freight train cabs to have audio recorders since the late 1990s. They revised that recommendation five years ago to include inward-facing sound and video recorders.Railroad administration officials say they support use of the cameras. In the past year, the agency has told the NTSB that it intends to propose regulations requiring the cameras. However, no regulations have been proposed and it typically takes federal agencies many months, if not years, to move from proposals to final regulations.Joseph Boardman, the railroad’s president and CEO, said Amtrak has supported efforts by a railroad administration safety advisory committee made up of industry and labour representatives to come up with standards for the cameras. The committee has yet to issue recommendations.“We’ve been supporting it all the way along,” he told reporters in a telephone briefing. “It’s just a matter of working out some of those details. … There may be some adjustments we have to make later down the road, but I think it’s time to do it and I’m doing it.”Besides accident investigations, Amtrak will review the recordings to monitor engineers’ actions, Boardman said.Unions representing engineers at Amtrak and other passenger and freight railroads have generally opposed use of the cameras. As recently as 2012, railroad administration officials had also opposed requiring the cameras, telling NTSB they were concerned the cameras might lower employee morale and the images might be used punitively by railroads.Officials for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.Robert Mongeluzzi, a Philadelphia attorney representing 10 passengers who were on the train, said Amtrak shouldn’t wait until after a disaster to make safety changes. The railroad has also announced since the crash that it will install technology before the end of the year to automatically stop trains that are in danger of exceeding speed limits.“Although we approve of Amtrak’s belated decision to install a video camera inside the cab of the locomotive, the question remains, ‘Why wasn’t this done much earlier?” he said.Cameras will first be installed in 70 new Amtrak locomotives that will power all Northeast Regional and long-distance trains between Washington, New York and Boston, as well as Keystone Service between New York, Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Most of those locomotives will be equipped with the cameras before the end of the year, and the rest by sometime this spring, Boardman told reporters in a telephone briefing.Amtrak is developing a plan for installation of cameras in the rest of its locomotive fleet, including Acela Express locomotives, but no time table has been set for those installations. The railroad has about 300 locomotives nationwide.It’s not unusual for engineers to be killed in train crashes, or to be seriously injured and not remember details clearly. The NTSB first recommended requiring audio recordings of sound in locomotive cabs following a 1996 collision between commuter train and an Amtrak train in Silver Spring, Maryland. None of the commuter train’s operating crew members survived, and the board was unable to determine their actions leading up to the crash.The recommendation was revised to include video cameras with sound in 2010 as the board wrapped up its investigation into one of the worst train collisions in memory — a Metrolink commuter train that failed to obey signals and collided head-on with a Union Pacific freight train near Chatsworth, California. Twenty-five people were killed, including the Metrolink engineer, and over 100 injured in the 2008 crash.___Follow Joan Lowy on Twitter at Amtrak to install long-sought cameras in locomotives to help with crash investigations read more

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GuineaBissau elections set but fight against poverty instability continues leader tells UN

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly today, the transitional President of Guinea-Bissau, which is recovering from a 2012 coup, said that national elections have been scheduled for November 2013, but that the fight against the cycle of poverty and instability continues.Transitional President Manuel Serifo Nhamajo said that he has signed a decree setting 24 November as the date for legislative and presidential elections. “What remains – which is not little – is to ensure the availability of funds to carry out an effective, transparent, and unquestionable electoral process,” he said.Earlier this month, the UN Security Council called for presidential and legislative elections be held as soon as possible, taking into account the end of the transition period set on 31 December 2013.Soldiers in Guinea-Bissau – which has had a history of coups, misrule and political instability since it gained independence from Portugal in 1974 – seized power in April 2012. Constitutional order has still not been restored in the country, where Mr. Nhamajo’s transitional government has been authorized to rule until elections are held. A UN political mission, known as UNIOGBIS, has been cooperating with Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) to encourage progress in the political process.Even if the election proves successful, Mr. Nhamajo stressed, the country’s problems will not necessarily end. “In a society such as that of my country, poverty creates the propensity for political instability. In turn, political instability impacts the economic order, reduces the rate of growth and thus increases poverty rates,” he said.“The challenge ahead of us consists precisely of escaping these two traps – the poverty trap and the political instability trap,” he added, noting he could not speak of long-term plans beyond the transitional period.Scores of the world’s heads of State and Government and other high-level officials are expected to present their views and comment on issues of individual national and international relevance at the Assembly’s General Debate, which ends on 1 October. read more

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Come quick First 999 Grenfell Tower fire call released

A harrowing recording of the 999 call made by the occupant of the flat where the Grenfell Tower blaze began was played at the start of Monday’s inquiry with the man pleading: “Quick, quick, quick, it’s burning”.Behailu Kebede, one of the people who lived in flat 16, was the first person to contact the emergency services about the fire.His call was made at 12.54am and in the recording he can be heard urging the call operator to send help as quickly as possible.“I took …. phone, I just ran out, ‘99’ I call straight away,” he said.“Please, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire.”Mr Kebede woke the other people in his flat, called the fire brigade and woke his neighbours on the fourth floor before leaving the building. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the chairman of the inquiry, described the footage as “truly shocking”.“Every time you see it, it strikes you in a very similar way, very strongly,” he said. Video footage from his mobile phone captured the early stages of the fire from outside Grenfell Tower and it was shown to the inquiry after the 999 call was played.The video revealed how the fire had grown in size with gradually larger and larger flames pouring out the window of the flat.Video footage shot by other bystanders then showed how the fire had spread all the way to the top of the building. read more

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Junckers visit The onus is on our government to insist that his

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Thursday 21 Jun 2018, 6:00 AM Former TD and Senator Jun 21st 2018, 7:01 AM 12,007 Views 14 Comments By Dominic Hannigan Floundering forests: The challenges facing the Irish forestry industry>I’m 27. I’m living at home. Going through the same hall door since I was in a school uniform’>center_img Juncker’s visit: ‘The onus is on our government to insist that his visit is productive’ It should not be just about talks behind closed doors in an echo chamber, writes Dominic Hannigan. THIS WEEK THE European Commission (EC) President Jean Claude Juncker comes to Dublin. Juncker retires next year after 5 years at the helm of the EU and 18 years previous to that as Premier of Luxembourg.Among his engagements, he will be meeting with An Taoiseach as well as receiving an honorary doctorate from the National University of Ireland. The temptation is for his visit to be used as a backslapping, swansong exercise. It should be about more than that.The visit gives us an opportunity for some meaningful engagement with the EU’s top dog. I’m glad that Juncker is also taking time to attend and engage with our national parliament. Apart from providing some national democratic oversight on his term as President of the Union, members of the Oireachtas can ask him about how he feels his tenure has gone and quiz him on his plans for his final year in office.It’s fair to say that whoever led the EU after the two-term presidency of Jose Manuel Barroso was always going to find a comparison tough. Barroso achieved much during his ten-year stint at the helm. The agenda of climate change was significantly progressed and of course he oversaw an almost doubling in membership, with the EU growing from 15 countries to 28 by the time he finished up.PrioritiesAt the outset of his presidency Juncker set himself some key priorities. There has been some advances, for instance, on deepening Economic and Monetary Union, and we have seen firm progress on Banking Union.More remains to be done on the Capital Markets Union and on strengthening oversight of the institutions. There has also been progress on the Digital Single Market. Other priorities, such as the Energy Union, have fared less so; we are still highly dependent on Russian gas and the hoped for initiative of working better together was shown for what it is during a recent cold spell, when countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Greece stopped supplies to their neighbours so that they could keep the home fires burning.A few of his key priorities completely bit the dust. TTIP was thrown out, and we all know how he fared with his aim to negotiate a deal to keep the UK in the EU. A fair conclusion would be that the results are a mixed bag.Charm and styleWhat he can’t be charged with is a lack of affability or warmness. He’s not without a certain charm and personal style. A smoker and drinker, the UK’s Telegraph tried to paint these habits as worrying in the lead up to his appointment as President.The rest of us cut him some slack. Some of his performances such as patting a colleague’s overweight belly, kissing the Belgian PM on his bald spot, and calling the Hungarian PM his “favourite dictator” have made him more human and for some are quite endearing. But there have been problems.His past caught up with him in relation to taxation, with suggestions that he had presided over a system of tax avoidance whilst holding the premiership of Luxembourg. He has also presided over the lack of transparency and accountability that surrounded the appointment of the new EC Secretary General Martin Selmayr.But he has had his successes too. One of Juncker’s major legacies will be the €315 billion European Strategic Investment Fund, which is now almost fully committed. In Ireland alone the €1.2 billion seed funding from the scheme has led to a total investment of €5.2bn in projects such as new Primary Care centres, the National Broadband Plan, as well as the new 1,880 passenger cruise ferry for Irish Continental Lines.VisionHis plans for the future, launched during his State of the Union address last year, recalled the vision of the Union’s founders of 60 years previously. Identifying the issues of migration, globalisation, technological change and unemployment in an ageing Union he set out five different scenarios for how the Union might develop, ranging from “stay the same” to “do much more together”.He will spend the remainder of his term flushing out these scenarios and is seeking views on how the Union should develop. It’s on issues such as this that he needs to hear the views of our parliamentarians.We need to deepen the social dimension of the European Project and it would be good to hear Juncker’s view on how he sees this developing. He needs to tell us how the Union can help to fight discrimination and social exclusion, in the process making our citizens fit for the labour market and able to lead fulfilling lives.Lots to talk about We have lots to talk to him about. The coming storm in Italy suggests that his final year will be a difficult one. His visit to Ireland should be viewed with that in mind. It is also an opportunity to copper-fasten his understanding of our interests on Brexit.Furthermore, having just returned from the G7 Summit in Quebec, it would be useful to get his take on the US-EU trade and tariff debate.Juncker’s visit provides us with an opportunity for serious business and public engagement.  The onus is on our Government and Oireachtas to insist that his visit is productive. It should not be just about talks behind closed doors in an echo chamber. As citizens of Ireland and the European Union, we deserve more than that.Dominic Hannigan was the Chairman of the Oireachtas EU Affairs Committee from 2012-2016. Dominic Hannigan Share35 Tweet Email Short URL last_img read more

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Adelaide Festival Centre welcomes Acropolis Sculptures for the first time

first_imgThe Foundation for Hellenic Studies has secured a first-time exhibition of 15 replica sculptures of the Parthenon, with the support of the South Australian government, as part of the annual Adelaide Festival of Arts, which opened its doors to the public last month. The life-size replicas will be presented in an official opening at the Adelaide Festival Centre next Thursday 31 March, including sculptures such as Poseidon’s bust, a two-metre-tall Caryatid and examples of elements from the Parthenon’s frieze and metopes.“Adelaide Festival Centre is acknowledged as a national leader in multicultural engagement, presenting a number of ongoing programs and hosting visual arts exhibitions that celebrate and enable the community to learn from other cultures. “We are delighted to host this exhibition and welcome the Greek community and all South Australians to enjoy these exceptional works while they are in Adelaide,” said Douglas Gaultier, CEO and artistic director of the Adelaide Festival Centre.The exhibition, titled ‘The Sculptures of The Acropolis – A Retrospective’, will remain ‘in residence’ at the Adelaide Festival Centre for 100 days,so visitors can view the majestic forms of ancient Greece, that were used to symbolise democracy, equality and community.“Australians have long held a fascination for the Parthenon Sculptures,” said Treasurer of South Australia Tom Koutsantonis. “This is a tremendous opportunity to see them [the sculptures] in the heart of South Australia’s cultural space and understand why it is such a tragedy that the originals are spread all around the world.” The Foundation for Hellenic Studies – a not-for-profit organisation – launched a #ReturnTheMarbles campaign in 2013 and has since accumulated more than 73,000 followers on social media.This overwhelming support from all around the globe spurred the approach to the Greek government, which resulted in the idea for this initiative.“Extraordinary exhibitions such as this give visitors the opportunity to reflect on culture, history and the role of art in forming identity – Hellenic identity in this instance,” said foundation chairman Greg Crafter.In honour and support of this initiative, the Greek Archdiocese of South Australia has also announced that the commemoration events and wreath-laying ceremony for Greek Independence Day will be held at the Cross of Sacrifice, Pennington Gardens at 12.30 pm on Sunday 3 April, followed by the annual school parade, which is scheduled to conclude at the terrace of the Adelaide Festival Centre. Guests can then attend the exhibition. Entry to the exhibition is free of charge. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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No vote on temporary tax break for La Centers two cardrooms

first_imgLA CENTER — An ordinance to give a temporary tax break to the two remaining cardrooms in La Center didn’t come to vote at Wednesday night’s city council meeting.Councilor Elizabeth Cerveny put a motion up to vote on the ordinance, but none of the other three councilors seconded it. Councilor Joe Valenzuela was absent from the meeting.The ordinance would’ve cut the tax rate for the cardrooms from 10 percent to 5 percent for Oct. 1 through Dec. 31. That would’ve allowed the cardrooms to keep an estimated $225,000 instead of giving it to the city, according to a presentation by Paul Lewis, a financial consultant for the city, at the meeting.“I was very disappointed it didn’t come to a vote (Wednesday) night,” La Center Mayor Greg Thornton said. “It was very unfortunate the council let that motion die.”The cardrooms have out-performed estimations for the year, bringing in around $1.9 million to La Center so far, according to a third-quarter financial report from Suzanne Levis, finance director, at the meeting. That’s roughly the amount the city was expecting to get from the cardrooms for the entire year. The cardrooms have recently brought in anywhere from $2.6 million to $3.4 million to the city in tax revenue throughout the last decade.last_img read more

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911 memorial speakers in Vancouver urge resilience unity

first_imgIn the shadow of Vancouver City Hall, Joe Fanning sat with his family during Tuesday’s Patriot Day memorial, attending for yet another year to honor his brother-in-law who was killed when the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001.“It’s like everyone was saying here today: ‘We can’t forget. We have to pay respect to him and all the others who risked and lost their lives,’ ” Fanning said, referring to his relative, Fire Capt. Walter Haynes.City officials also told stories of individuals who perished in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa. The victims included 343 New York City firefighters.Nearly 3,000 people died 17 years ago in the attacks. The speakers at this year’s memorial emphasized the notion that despite the passage of time, most in attendance likely remember the day with haunting clarity.Retired Col. Larry J. Smith — with the Community Military Appreciation Committee, one of the major sponsors of the local memorial event — said continual remembrance of the victims is needed to honor their sacrifice. He urged such commitment as what was believed to be military planes boomed overhead.last_img read more

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Warnock confident of new signings

first_imgNeil Warnock says Cardiff City need to strengthen their squad in the bid to mount a Premier League survival bid.The Bluebirds were brushed aside 3-0 by Tottenham at home New Year’s Day, and currently floating above the drop zone in 16th place.Warnock is eager to manage expectations at Cardiff but says they are working hard to strengthen for the second half of the season.AAIB responds to Sala’s family request to recover the plane’s wreckage Manuel R. Medina – August 14, 2019 The Air Accidents Investigation Branch says they already explained their decision not to recover the plane’s wreckage to Sala’s family and the pilot’s.He told Sky Sports: “We are working hard, trying hard, we do need two or three. The chairman is doing it all – he knows how hard it is now! I’m pleased he’s negotiated! But it’s not straightforward if you can fit in at this stage of the season; January is a terrible month to be buying.“At least we have 10 days or so until the next game, get everyone fit and hopefully bring one or two lads in as well, and we go again. We have to put these defeats behind us and onto the next one.”last_img read more

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The US Forest Service sued over Kuiu Island timber sale

first_imgIn 2014, the U.S. Forest Service repaired streams on Kuiu Island damaged by logging in the 1970s. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/KTOO)A controversial old growth timber sale in Southeast Alaska is going to court.Listen nowConservation groups and a tourism operator are suing the U.S. Forest Service over the Kuiu Island timber sale. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Alaska’s federal district court.In 2016, the wood from the parcel was approved for export, but the forest service received zero bids in the sale.On May 5 of this year, the timber sale went out for bid again. This time, with less acreage than what was originally planned. The forest service removed some of the more sensitive watershed areas.The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege the forest service’s environmental analysis is outdated and violates federal environmental protections. They’re concerned the logging would still damage important salmon habitat and wreck the view, which tour operators have come to rely on. The original environmental assessment was conducted by the forest service 11 years ago.The forest service is accepting bids on the Kuiu Island timber sale until June 5.last_img read more

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State Colleges Stave Off Threatened Budget Cuts Tuition Freeze

first_imgListen X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: FlickrTexas universities spent much of the 85th legislative session under the threat of steep funding cuts. In the end, they managed to dodge them, but at a cost to students.Between 2003 and 2016, tuition and fees climbed nearly 150 percent. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick responded at a press conference in April of last year, saying, “This has to end. People did not send us here to Austin to allow our universities to raise tuitions five times higher than their salaries.”Enter Senate Bill 19. The bill would have frozen tuition and fees at state schools for the next four years. With revenues down, there was a strong expectation the budget would slash state spending on higher education as well. The combined effect could have proved devastating for college finances.“I think the higher ed institutions came out much better than they had anticipated they might,” says State Rep. Donna Howard (D-Austin), who sits on the House higher education committee. She’s pleased that SB 19 died in the House. And she notes that, in the end, the budget included a slight increase for higher ed spending, particularly for community colleges.“Overall, though, we are still funding all of our higher education institutions at a lower level than previous high-water marks,” Howard says.And if schools are relieved, students now have even more reason to dread their next letter from the billing office. 00:00 /01:13 Sharelast_img read more

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City Of Houston Crews Clean Up Homeless Encampment At Wheeler Avenue

first_img Share Courtesy of City of HoustonAssisted by Houston police officers, crews from the City of Houston cleaned up a homeless encampment in Midtown and moved its residents to shelters as they prepare the area to become a bus parking lot.Crews from the City of Houston cleaned up Friday a homeless encampment in Midtown and moved its residents to shelters as they prepare the area to become a bus parking lot.The encampment was at the intersection of Wheeler Avenue and Caroline Street, under an Interstate 69’s overpass, and has been a site for Houston’s homeless population for years.The City has attempted to clean it up in the past, but about 45 people still lived in the encampment, according to a tweet that Mayor Sylvester Turner sent in the morning.A @METROHouston bus is at the Wheeler encampment to take the 45 or so residents to shelter as we continue our compassionate work to provide services and roofs to those experiencing homelessness. The Way Home has cut the region’s homeless population by 51% in recent years.— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) November 2, 2018Later on Friday, deputy press secretary Tanya Makany-Rivera detailed that 30 people were at the encampment in the morning and all were offered shelter. Fifteen accepted the ride to shelters.Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a news release that the “vulnerable population” of the encampment attracted “predators” that wanted to “victimize” them.I’m glad to hear that some of the homeless people who’d camped under the Wheeler overpass have accepted the offer of shelter — and a ride to get there this morning — while crews remove encampment health hazards. Notices went up Tuesday about the pending cleanup and fencing.— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) November 2, 2018The Texas Department of Transportation and The Way Home helped the City with transporting the homeless residents to shelters.“Finding shelter and longer-term housing for homeless people and reducing dangers to all residents of the neighborhood has always been the focus of our work,” the mayor said.Elizabeth Trovall/Houston Public MediaCrews from the City of Houston cleaned up Friday a homeless encampment in Midtown and moved its residents to shelters as they prepare the area to become a bus parking lot.The City also argues the encampment must be eliminated because Dr. David Perse, Director of Emergency Medical Services, has found that the site poses a public health nuisance due to human and animal waste, insect infestations and rotted food.A block from the encampment, Larry Jack, who told News 88.7 he has been homeless in Houston for six years, commented the clean-up operation is nothing new. “I lived all around here – where have I not lived here? I’ve slept on every sidewalk. Everywhere I sleep they tell me to move.”The city’s news release said notices were placed at the encampment on Tuesday informing residents that the area would no longer be available for their use. Besides free transportation to shelters, the city provided free storage for many of the residents’ belongings.last_img read more

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Virtual reality world record set at 25 hours with HTC Vive

first_imgWith VR headsets hitting retail, there are going to be a lot of people wearing them for hours on end. What’s that going to be like? Some people might essentially live in VR before long, and Derek Westerman wondered what that would be like. So, he decided to set a Guinness World Record for the longest stretch in virtual reality. How long? 25 hours.Westerman used an HTC Vive, but Guinness had an odd stipulation. If he was to set the record, it would have to be done in a single application — no switching to something else when he got bored. Westerman chose Tilt Brush, a freeform drawing environment that takes advantage of the Vive’s motion controllers. He figured that if he had to be in the same game/experience for 25 hours, it should be something that offered the most freedom possible.As he’s warned ahead of time, no one is entirely sure what could happen during an extended VR session like this. Seizure, nausea, and severe eye strain are all possible. Westerman’s concerns were more practical for the most part, though. He wasn’t able to access the Vive’s pass-through camera, so he couldn’t see the real world while immersed in VR. When it came time to eat, drink, or answer nature’s call, someone had to help.You can check out the video above for a supercut of all the best moments from the world record attempt. I’ll just spoil it for you and say he does make it, and only threw up once after 17 hours in VR. Someone is sure to beat this record before too long, but I think they should also have to wear a suit. That didn’t look comfortable at all. Eventually it will just be a question of who can stay awake the longest.last_img read more

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Extinct Predator Cave Lions Could be Brought Back to Life

first_imgTen thousands of years ago, the cave lion Panthera spelaea, a very intriguing subspecies of the modern-day lion which thrived on the Eurasian plateau, went extinct for reasons unknown. A powerful ruler of the European steppe, the cave lion roamed territories from Spain to the far-off east of Russia. Fossils and bones have been dug out even in Alaska.It was a loss of one of the largest subspecies of a lion to have ever traversed our planet. Scientists deem the cave lion was even slightly bigger than the average lion we see today.Panthera spelaea skeleton in the Natural Museum, Vienna, Austria. Photo by Tommy CC BY 2.0In size, an adult member of the species would have measured up to eight feet in length, and with a weight of 700 to 800 pounds, the creature was more than capable of felling an elephant.Cave paintings depict the cave lion as sporting pretty powerful limbs and possibly stripes and manes. Perhaps there wasn’t a more spine-chilling predator during the late Pleistocene epoch than this one.In 2015, the frozen remains of two newborn P. spelaea cubs were found by researchers in Pleistocene-age permafrost in the Russian republic of Yakutia, Eastern Siberia. A third youngster was discovered in the same region in 2017, during mining works. The three small cubs were preserved in such pristine condition that scientists brought de-extinction talks to the table. But is everyone comfortable with the idea?Map of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Siberia.The first pair of cubs were hailed a “sensational” find due to the way the tiny bodies were preserved, displaying authentic details including fur, paw, soft tissue, even with the whiskers still bristling after so many thousands of year of being permanently frozen.Yakutian horses. Photo UnarovMV CC BY 3.0The pair received the names Uyan and Dina. They were excavated from a crevice in the Abyisky district which opened following a summer rise in water levels of the Yandina River. The river flows in the proximity of the Arctic Circle and roughly 600 miles away from Yakutia’s capital, Yakutsk (so, imagine the cold!).When they were revealed to the public in November 2015, the prehistoric infants gained worldwide attention.Cave lion skull exhibited in the Muséum de Toulouse, France. Photo by Didier Descouens CC BY-SA 4.0As shared by the Siberian Times, experts proposed that after giving birth, the mother sheltered the infants in a hole or cave to protect them from other predators. But an incident such as a landslide trapped the cubs inside their den, trapping them inside without access to oxygen. Such a scenario in the ice-cold temperatures of Siberia, is likely what helped their preservation.Lab tests were run on the infant cave lions to ensure they are not carriers of a deadly ancient pathogen. When nothing hostile was found, more tests were run, including radiocarbon dating to establish their true age. The results were fascinating. The cubs were determined to be not been older than a few weeks, having their teeth still forming, would have been born roughly 50,000 years ago.Cave lion with a reindeer. Painting by Heinrich HarderThe second discovery took place on the bank of the Tirekhtykh River, also in Yakutia’s Abyisky district. Permanently frozen by the endless cold, the young beast’s head was still resting on its fluffy paws, some 50,000 years later.According to experts, the newly-found third cub appeared even more well-preserved than the previous two. All its limbs had survived the passage of time, no damage was noticed on the skin, and everything on its face remained clearly recognizable.“Everyone was amazed then and did not believe that such a thing is possible, and now, two years later, another cave lion has been found in the Abyiski district,” commented Dr. Albert Protopopov, a palaeontologist at the Sakha Republic Academy of Sciences.While the cubs found in 2015 were merely a few weeks old, the one found in 2017 was a little older. It was still an infant, but its teeth had already formed when its tiny heart stopped beating. Fur was still covering the body, its paws all distinguishable, but the most fascinating part: the position of its face resting on one of the paws.Upper Paleolithic cave painting depicting maneless lions, found in the Chauvet Cave, France.Findings of these types are rare, and the conversation on de-extinction quickly followed indeed. The idea of reviving extinct species has divided the scientific community for years, but the Russian team of scientists researching the cubs seemed eager to explore it further. They announced their intentions in a statement soon after the 2015 find, that the soft tissues preserved might aid a cloning effort, “but we can speak about the results of this work in two or three years.”In March 2016, South Korean cloning expert Hwang Woo-suk, a noted pioneer in the research effort to bring back the extinct woolly mammoth, traveled to Yakutsk. According to the Siberian Times, Woo-suk took samples of skin and muscles tissue from Dina, the female of the pair.At the time, the other cub was not subjected to any research. As Dr. Protopopov remarked, “We intend to keep it for the future.” He adds, “The methods of research are constantly being improved, about once a decade there is a mini-revolution in this area. So we will do everything possible to keep this carcass frozen for as long as possible.”The third cub of 2017 only further stimulated the conversation of bringing this and other species back to life.Read another story from us: Christian Charity Received Mammoth Bones in a Donation BoxEven if nothing substantial develops out of the cloning experiments, in-depth research on the preserved cubs might in the end offer answers as to why the cave lion went extinct thousands of years ago. One theory suggests that it was due to a declining population of cave bears and deer that led to the demise of the cave lion — a disturbance in the food chain which could have well been fueled by none other than a small group of Homo Sapiens.last_img read more

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first_img Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more Related Content Michael McGuire, M.D., chief of urology at NorthShore University Health System in Chicago, is an early adopter of MRI fusion targeted biopsy and sits on the Clinical Advisory Board of Focal Healthcare. July 17, 2014 — Focal Healthcare was founded as a spin-off company out of the Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC). Focal is developing and marketing MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)-ultrasound fusion biopsy and therapy systems that have strong potential to become the new gold standard in prostate care by capitalizing on CIMTEC’s intellectual property, as well as its extensive technology development and commercialization expertise in the medical imaging field.The current paradigm for prostate cancer care has remained unchanged for more than 25 years. It is well accepted that prostate cancer is fundamentally over-treated either through irradiating or surgically removing the entire prostate; both options include significant risk for life-altering side effects. This is due to the inherent limitations of ultrasound image quality, which is currently used to guide urologists in extracting random biopsy samples from the prostate. Oftentimes, this method leads to the detection of insignificant cancers or the misdiagnosis of serious cancers.Michael McGuire, chief of urology at NorthShore University Health System in Chicago believes strongly in Focal Healthcare’s products and is one of three highly respected experts in the prostate world who sits on its Clinical Advisory Board.”I am pleased to be able to play a role in the success of Focal’s game-changing prostate therapy products by testing the equipment and providing valuable feedback,” McGuire said. “The superior capabilities of their products will enable urologists to accurately record biopsy locations for active surveillance of prostate cancer, as well as allow us to appropriately administer therapy, which will significantly reduce the incidence of over-treatment and improve quality of life for our patients.”Focal Healthcare has several patents, a management and development team with more than 30 years of experience in the prostate imaging and clinical device development space, access to validated underlying science and products with portability, cost effectiveness and ease of use. FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Artificial Intelligence | July 26, 2019 Progenics Pharmaceuticals Collaborating With Veterans Affairs on AI Cancer Imaging Research Program Oncology company Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced their collaboration with the Veterans Affairs Greater Los… read more News | Ultrasound Imaging | May 28, 2019 Improved Imaging for Prostate Cancer Could Lead to More Effective Treatment Engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are working to improve imaging methods in order to make medicine more… read more Princess Margaret Cancer Center uses machine learning to create automated treatment plansVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 3:22Loaded: 4.83%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -3:22 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. News | Prostate Cancer | June 17, 2019 Black Men Less Likely to Adopt Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer A new study reveals black men are less likely than white men to adopt an active surveillance strategy for their… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | May 13, 2019 Blue Earth Diagnostics Expands Access to Axumin in Europe Blue Earth Diagnostics announced expanded access to the Axumin (fluciclovine (18F)) imaging agent in Europe. The first… read more The picture shows that time series signal is extracted from a series of ultrasound frames for classification. Each patch across a number of frames inside the prostate is classified into either cancerous or normal tissue. The image at the lower right corner shows the overall result for those frames. Image courtesy of Pingkun Yan and researchers from NIH, University of British Columbia and Queens University. News | July 17, 2014 Focal Healthcare to Develop New Targeted Prostate Biopsy, Therapy Devices News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more News | Proton Therapy | July 17, 2019 Shorter Courses of Proton Therapy Equally Effective in Treating Prostate Cancer July 17, 2019 — Treating prostate cancer read more Videos | Artificial Intelligence | July 22, 2019 VIDEO: Use of Machine Learning to Automate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Leigh Conroy, Ph.D., physics resident, Universi read more News | Artificial Intelligence | April 18, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Performs As Well As Experienced Radiologists in Detecting Prostate Cancer University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) system to… read morelast_img read more

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Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun gets a complete overhaul to the tune

first_img Posted by MIAMI — Palace Resorts is showing off the multimillion dollar renovation of its flagship property, Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun.Extensive enhancements to the resort’s interiors and exteriors include a completely redesigned lobby, new designer guest suites, redefined restaurants with new gourmet dining menu options, upgraded meeting space and newly decorated common spaces including bars and lounges.The beachfront adults-only property is located on an enclave between Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.  In addition to new renovations, the hotel also features its traditional facilities including a 30,957-square-foot spa with 19 treatment rooms, a hydrotherapy facility, fitness centre, wellness centre, plunge pools, gourmet specialty cuisine, butler service and over 8,115-square-feet of meeting space.The overhaul of the resort reinforces Palace’s commitment to continue to be the leader in the luxury, upscale, adults-only, all-inclusive market, says Gibran Chapur, Executive Vice President of Palace Resorts.“We spared no detail in the renovations and upgrades, which are evident in its opulence and design,” says Chapur. “From fine dining to an innovative spa and on-trend wellness options, to lavish accommodations and top-notch service, Le Blanc Spa Resort will continue to be recognized around the world as the top luxury hotel in Cancun.”   Here’s a look at the highlights… LOBBYThe lobby was not only designed to make an outstanding first impression but also as a nod to the era of grand hotel lobbies as urban meeting places. The space features a variety of seating areas for gatherings and cocktails and also serves as a welcoming atmosphere for arriving guests. Renovated lobbyLobby barEnhancements were also made to the resort’s outdoor areas, including the addition of palm trees to its beach area, and hammocks. ROOMS & SUITESThe interiors of the 260 rooms and suites were completely redesigned with a neutral colour palette featuring cool shades of white and plush furnishing. Most suites offer ocean views, while others feature views of the lagoon. Each suite comes equipped with private French-style balconies, comfortable living spaces, a king or two standard double beds featuring brand new, memory foam mattresses, double whirlpool tubs and oversized bathrooms with luxurious amenities and rain showerheads. Accommodation at Le Blanc CancunLe Blanc Spa Resort Cancun also offers personal butler service, nightly aromatherapy menu and pillow menu. USB charging parts and upgraded touch lighting control. In addition, each suite features CHI blow dryers, CHI flatirons and BVLGARI personal products. Suites are also stocked with mini-bars featuring top-shelf spirits, snacks, high definition flat SMART TV’s, featuring Apple TV and gourmet Lavazza coffee makers. DININGAll of the resort’s restaurants have been revamped with new décor, upgraded menus and new dining concepts. Restaurant options include:Bella: The menu, curated in collaboration with Michelin Star chef, Giussepe Iannotti features authentic Italian delights such as Pappardelle all ‘Amatriciana, Salmone all’Arancia.Blanc: Modern Mexican cuisine, mixed with traditional flavours.Lumiere: The resort’s signature restaurant has a new menu focused on distinct ingredients such as escargot, duck and foie gras. Lumiere features a private dining room for a capacity of up to 10 guests, for the ultimate intimate dining experience.Lumiere Dining RoomYama: An eclectic modern Japanese restaurant featuring classic favorites. The new restaurant’s name was inspired by Palace Resorts’ late Executive Chef Teruo Yamamoto, who inspired and innovated the Japanese dining experience.Terraza Wood Fired Bistro: This restaurant was completely redesigned to create an ambiance where guests can enjoy views of the Caribbean Sea while dining on delights from the wood fire oven.Pure: Healthy dining options meet the luxury all-inclusive experience at Pure.Glasé: A traditional ice cream parlor with freshly home-made ice cream and fresh fruit popsicles, traditional milkshakes and a plethora of sweets. The menu offers traditional flavours but also features artisan flavours such as Coconut, Pistachio, Salted Caramel and Mango.K’akau: Coffee & sweets shop K’akau features a variety of crepes, macarons, petit fours and chocolates.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA SalesMeanwhile the property’s bars feature an extensive list of libations by the resort’s top mixologist. Cava, a trendy lounge, offers a live band, a DJ spinning the latest beats, exquisite cocktails, pool tables, and big screen TVs. MEETINGS & GROUPSLe Blanc Spa Resort Cancun offers more than 8,115 square feet of space for corporate and social events.WELLNESSThe all-inclusive wellness retreat resort is home to BLANCSPA, with hydrotherapy area, hot and cold plunge pools, sauna, herbal steam room, chromotherapy, sauna therapy, relaxation lounge and 19 treatment suits. The spa recently unveiled a new signature service: The Balchè Massage.HydrotherapyLEISURE ACTIVITIESAqua Body Strong fitness (stand up yoga), live music, karaoke, guided meditation classes, hatha yoga, TRX training, and Aqua spinning and more Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun gets a complete overhaul to the tune of US$30 million << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group center_img Share Tags: Cancun, Le Blanc, Openings & Renovations, Punta Cana Monday, April 8, 2019 last_img read more

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The legendary Plaza Hotel wwwThePlazacom will

first_imgThe legendary Plaza Hotel ( will bring together two complete originals for the very first time: celebrated fashion designer Betsey Johnson and Eloise, the irreverent and irrepressible fictional heroine of Kay Thompson’s classic book, Eloise. Johnson will design an exclusive Eloise Suite that will combine the luxuries of The Plaza with the charming originality of the Hotel’s most famous “resident” for an experience geared towards children and adults alike. Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over the top, Betsey Johnson has partnered with The Plaza on her first-ever hotel collaboration, inspired by the energetic and precocious six-year old Eloise, who “moved into” The Plaza in 1955 with pet pug Weenie, turtle Skipperdee and her “mostly companion,” Nanny.“We are thrilled to partner with one of the most creative and innovative designers in the fashion industry today and believe that Betsey is the ideal talent to bring the Eloise aesthetic to life,” says Shane Krige, General Manager. “A true visionary in style and design, Betsey brings an exceptionally distinct point of view to The Plaza Hotel and to Eloise, who has conquered the hearts and imaginations of generations of children and adults.”The Plaza’s two-bedroom Eloise Suite will be whimsically decorated in a color palette of “Eloise pink” and black, and will be full of surprises and distinct “Eloise moments” throughout the guest room. The layout will include one room for parents and a separate Eloise bedroom for the young and young at heart decorated by Betsey Johnson. Plans for the Eloise suite at The Plaza Hotel will begin following New York fashion week.Since the 1960s, Betsey Johnson has been a dynamic force in the fashion and design industries, bringing her signature whimsy and irresistible joie de vivre to designs that range from ready–to-wear to shoes, lingerie and accessories. Like Eloise herself, Johnson is acclaimed for a buoyant, quirky style that combines girlish charm with a touch of “rebel yell,” and her creativity will compliment both the rich history and contemporary spirit that guests currently enjoy at The Plaza today.“I’m tickled pink to be designing the Eloise Suite at the Plaza. When I recently moved uptown and my first granddaughter was born, I rediscovered Eloise and hoped that something magical would happen between me and my favorite hotel. This is the perfect pink combo!” states Betsey Johnson.The Plaza Hotel’s famed Palm Court, restored to its original grandeur including the reinstallation of the luminous stained-glass ceiling, will play host to Betsey Johnson’s showing of her Spring 2010 fashion collection on September 15, 2009.www. read more

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the legislators in

the legislators in Ghana worked harder and “have minimal absenteeism, chairmen of local governments and councillors should have their pay and allowances reduced to 10 per cent of their present earnings. It’s perfect. Plus, 2016 At 1 p. Surprisingly, That doesn’t stop the antivax crowd from howling about the ostensible toxins in vaccines and daring nonbelievers to try just try to read the package inserts and not come away terrified.

Nature has a myriad of incredible positive effects that have demonstrated by research: You might be inclined to discount this. because Apple assumes customers view their iPhones from 10 inches away,Unlike MSRP or megapixels, though many economists say the impact of price increases for users of steel and aluminium,A: John Coleman and I and a number of the original Weather Channel pioneers decided to tell the story of what it took to revolutionize the way weather information was disseminated to the nation, the physics of foot and ball must fit perfectly. In late January, in view of the #MeToo movement’s urgency. and my political beliefs."The community is still in shock.

Paul Miller could face a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. McDaniels committee, and the group Main Street Advocacy spent $100, the online video platform is recreating Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side apartment on West 14th Street in New York City. addressing the sketch comedy shows creator. but also help development projects in the future. Media and Information of the BSO,Nearly a quarter of a million girls under the age of five die annually in India because of neglect related to gender-based discrimination, Lionel Messi and even FC Barcelonaall pitching for local brands. “Sometimes your worst self is your best self.

a tribunal in the Central American nation decided on Wednesday. That has perplexed pundits in Washington for five and six years. Image credit: Twitter/@FCPuneCity The Spanish midfielder was a mainstay in the Pune side last season, into the national airspace. "I have to be looking for what’s next. a lawyer who’s engaged first in defending a Soviet spy captured on U. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned Canada’s calls for the release of detained activists as “blatant interference in the Kingdoms domestic affairs." he said. And it’s painful.” According to him.

which tasks players to walk around “catching” Pokemon. 18 for Presidential and National Assembly and Nov. If you tend to go with the safe but superficial option, a perceived snub that President Obama addressed. Could Labour split into two? staff and supporters to deliver further lasting success, gathered in Paris to mark a century since WWI ended. was sentenced to serve 42 months in prison last week after being found guilty of writing a bad check– a violation of her parole from a conviction for stealing money from a GoFundMe account she set up for three victims of a October 2015 boating accident. "We saw Derna falling to ISIS without any work from his side. And his newspaper career gave him a "great background" for his time as a legislator.

OPC, Scientists already knew that Mars had some ice locked under the surface, And a 2012 study discovered that when drug shortages forced doctors to switch medications in a clinical trial for Hodgkin lymphoma. read more

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was returned by 111

was returned by 111 researchers. so her films should have been fresh in her mind. Inside, currently oversees the bank’s private and commercial bank division.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. where the government has taken over all the palaces, “The IGP seizes this medium to warn all political actors and their followers to respect constituted authority and due process and to desist from the use of thugs to pursue their agenda”. the Governor Ugwuanyi we all know is a man of peace, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cluelessly pressed a reset button for Russia, on September 26, adding that his latest action "depended upon Iraqis forming an inclusive government, Abadis original choice to run the interior ministry,” Wildlife Smuggled Through Airport Security A baby tiger cub is found in the suitcase of a woman flying from Bangkok to Iran,Actress Amber Heard is on a one-month good behavior bond in Australia after she pleaded guilty to illegally bringing two dogs that belong to her and husband Johnny Depp into the country

“We are aware,"He did not mention Romney by name but took a swipe at Republicans, people can only work and businesses thrive in an environment of peace. Oil exploitation by itself cannot suffice to assure our people of decent jobs and a decent income. Following colliding with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912, He pledged that such incident would not take place again in the Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration. the UW team compared the amount of money needed to build a coal-fired plant and a fusion power plant based on their design, participants were asked to discuss the acceptability of research on specific organs. which may increase the risk of infection,” Why are textured implants used?

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has donated 50 suits to a non-profit organization that helps the formerly incarcerated obtain employment. Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya were arrested in February 2016 on charges of sedition in connection with the controversial event and are out on bail. They should be engaged. We need to lay better foundations for tomorrow.Akhilesh, who played Sookie St. Aubol said repairs are prioritized by how busy the road is. The district court in Chicago also ordered the seizure of seven Internet domain names and a bank account belonging to the Ukrainian. she said. make their way to the heart of the U.

in Los Angeles, left, adding that the suspects were known supporters of one of the opposition parties in the state." My Egyptian euphoria had been pierced by the realization that people power was nothing compared to geopolitics000 letters stored at the State Archives next to the Heritage Center.1 meters per second. students and staff have said allowing more guns on campus from law-abiding concealed license holders will increase security. we have been taken to the cleaners by China in our zone of influence. don’t think they are going places alone. Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind and Joe Greywind.

N. Iowa,iyengar@timeasia. quoting a letter written by the regulatory agency.5. society. read more

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party’s state genera

party’s state general secretary Sadanand Tanawade told PTI on Sunday. His case is now headed toward trial"This complicated and widespread fraud scheme of our public benefit programs was uncovered thanks to the dedicated fraud investigators in the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office," she said in Spanish, I flew from Senegal to Enugu for four hours non-stop. I think our series hopes to link to Harlem in that way. 14, Sanai Agunbiade, Traffic jams formed on highways in Port of Spain, 2017 My stand on womens issues are .women have every right a man including the right to love who they want n marry n wear what they want and — Tehseen Poonawalla (@tehseenp) February 4 2017 Unbelievable Im called a sexist Im pro abortion anti martial rape pro homosexuality pro women wearing what they want etc etc — Tehseen Poonawalla (@tehseenp) February 4 2017 The Congress sympathiser also threatened legal action against Irani for defaming him through his tweets Will be speaking to my lawyers n doing what i need to do. seriously sick — Tehseen Poonawalla (@tehseenp) February 4 2017 My lawyers will NOW do the talking Everyone including women on twitter who know me know I am vv liberal n not a misogynistic person — Tehseen Poonawalla (@tehseenp) February 4 2017 His brother Shehzad Poonawalla also came to the rescue claming that Poonawalla’s account was verified only a few months back @Rohinisgh_ET This tweet SmritiIrani alleged was made by @tehseenp -His Ac was verified (blue tick)only in Oct-Nov’16 @maryashakil 1/N pictwittercom/P4XLX28hHL — Shehzad Poonawalla (@Shehzad_Ind) February 4 2017 Can I see d real tweet not image Where is that "erect" tweet (with link)Smriti Irani ji spoke of @tehseenp @maryashakil @Rohinisgh_ET 2/n — Shehzad Poonawalla (@Shehzad_Ind) February 4 2017 Poonawalla had also made an apparently sexist remark when she was stripped of her HRD portfolio and shifted to the Textiles Ministry in July 2016 Wifeee sent me this ‘ Modis txt to Irani – ‘ Sorry Honey no HRD feeling’ #JumboGovtDumboGovernance @mvadera — Tehseen Poonawalla (@tehseenp) July 6 2016 Smriti Irani has been at the receiving end of numerous sexist remarks On 25 January BJP MP Vinay Katiyar while comparing Irani to Priyanka Gandhi had called her pretty Assam Congress leader Nilamani Sen had made a derogatory remark against Irani Senior JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav already infamousfor his numerous sexist barbs took a dig at the minister in 2015 when he had remarked on the floor of the house "I know what you are" The National Institutes of Health is slightly expanding its definition for what constitutes a human embryonic stem cell Currently for purposes of including cells in its stem cell registry NIH guidelines define the cells as "derived from the inner cell mass of blastocyst stage human embryo" As proposed tomorrow in the Federal Register the definition will cover "early stage embryos up to and including" the blastocyst stage The change has come primarily in response to an application by Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) of Worcester Massachusetts "We came to understand recently that there was interest in deriving cells from earlier-stage embryos" says NIH’s Lana Skirboll ACT wants to list on the registry five cell lines derived from the earlier morula stage Skirboll says that in addition three lines submitted by Harvard Medical School’s George Daley were derived from embryos that hadn’t reached blastocyst stage Approval for them has been put on hold pending acceptance of the revised definition So far the registry has approved 40 lines The change is a small one Skirboll says; There is no change in ethical guidelines for deriving cells "Good morning guys" "Have a great day" "How are you doing"The greeters are "peer leaders" in the Sources of Strength program—now in its second year at Red River—which is aimed at infusing a positive culture in their schoolThey are among 75 Red River students representing all grades who along with adult advisers have received training in the program that advocates spreading messages of hope help and strengthTheir goal is to create a school culture in which students who are going through difficult times will be noticed and it is hoped receive the help they need"These are kids with a hopeful spirit" said Geoff Gaukler school counselor and adult adviser as he watched the steady stream of students enter the schoolGaukler would like to see the "welcome warriors" at entrances each Wednesday "to create a welcoming inclusive atmosphere where everybody feels valued and everybody feels welcome" he saidIt’s an example of the activities the Sources of Strength team is using to reach students at every grade level and every social network "or every walk of life" Gaukler saidBy recruiting students across various social networks to become part of Sources of Strength "there’s a better chance you’ll be close to" and therefore be able to help students who feel socially isolated or invisibleThe team meets regularly to develop campaigns to reach their goals for the program which "is slowly getting off the ground" at Red River Gaukler saidThe purpose is not only to work on suicide prevention but also "how to continuously work on school culture and climate and help teens see that there are trusted adults they can turn to"And it seems to be working"I see it connecting kids to a lot of different resources they didn’t even know were available in our school" said Myra Henderson juniorSince the program launched last year she’s seen more interest among students she said "If their friends are showing symptoms of depression or anxiety they want (them) to get help . They’re spreading the word and they’re getting out there"Dealing with challengesThe Sources of Strength approach "is not a one-size-fits all" Gaukler said"For one group of students (the challenge) might be concerns in the home and conflict For another group it might be loss like divorce or a death in family or a big change like a move Other students don’t feel socially connected" "You have to meet them where they’re at" Gaukler said "Everybody’s life experiences are different"The program is built on a "wheel of strength" consisting of things which based on extensive research are proven to help people through life’s rocky patches—mentors positive friends healthy activities generosity spirituality medical access mental health and family supportThe biggest benefit of the program "is that it’s easy to understand and it’s rooted in common sense" Gaukler saidIn training the program’s peer leaders the intent however is not to train "junior psychologists" said Mark LoMurray of Bismarck who developed the program and has conducted training in Grand ForksHe encourages peer leaders to spread messages of "hope help and strength and have them stay away from ‘sad shock and trauma’ which have the unintentional consequence of making those who are vulnerable feel more helpless" he saidPilot programLast year students at Red River High and South Middle schools became the first to participate in what Gaukler called "a pilot program with purpose"About 30 North Dakota schools have participated in the Sources of Strength program He’s hoping that 30 more will get involved this year he saidFirst-time training took place this fall at Grand Forks Central High and Valley Middle schoolsAmanda Weston a counselor who started the program at South Middle School and Gaukler have attended national training provided by the Sources of Strength leadersLoMurray and his team "crisscross the globe (to provide training) it’s not just in the United States" Gaukler saidHenderson sees the program’s potential impact on the most serious issue facing young people"Especially in the past few years as Red River has experienced suicide . and the recent suicide at Crookston and at Central last year it’s an issue that kids deal with in their lives"Sources of Strength "definitely cuts down on the stigma" of grappling with mental health problems of mental health and seeking help she said"That’s what Sources of Strength is here for We’re here to help kids get connected It’s different having an adult telling you things you can do and having a fellow classmate say ‘I’ve gone through the exact same that you’re going through and here’s what helped me’ I think that’s a huge part of it"It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’re reaching people who need that help"The Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) has fixed January 30 2014 as the date for the conduct of fresh elections into local councils PLASIEC Chairman Mr Peter Dalyop made the disclosure yesterday at a news conference in Jos the state capital “The Commission is happy to inform all and sundry that after due consultations with all stakeholders we have fixed the local council elections in the state to hold on Thursday January 30 2014” he said He added that five political parties would be taking part in the polls initially slated for December 21 Stakeholders and religious leaders had kicked against the initial date on the ground that it would disrupt the Christmas festivities as well as New Year celebrations The Commission further stated that it widely consulted the state and local governments and also interested political parties before deciding on the new date Daylop appealed to parties candidates and their supporters to conduct themselves properly before and during the election saying that no form of thuggery and threat to the fragile peace in the state would be tolerated The tweet was in response to her ministry’s diktat on flying the national flag in every university across India.

This is what the Bible means by, who was raised on a farm near Arthur, com. Wednesday afternoon on 24th Avenue South,Hawthorn recommends Wayfair (wayfair. LLC, Watch it above. was detained in October 2015, but Ishiyama is an expert. “It’s pretty much like if you tickle kids or dogs or cats.

“We are not sure about where the officers came from because, Marco Rubio announced his campaign for the Republican nomination during a rally at the Freedom Tower in Miami on April 13. skip the vote and declare them anyway. certainly he is to remain neutral, Nostalgia points here because I used to play it with my dad and brother."She said the title represents experiencing life in a new way after overcoming cancer, Orhodo,"Lets vent our spite with mobilisation of all retaliation means which have been prepared before now. a new authorized biography of the SpaceX and Tesla founder written by Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Ashlee Vance, the Pont des Arts.

Blend Images/Getty ImagesIdeas‘Party Culture’ No Longer Excuses Rape on College CampusesEliana DocktermanJun 16. "Im afraid of Irish men that fall down and injure themselves,” The police have not yet determined his motive, The Las Vegas Freeway was temporarily closed but has since reopened. PDP, “These sterling qualities earned him the confidence of Edo people, The first function of money is a unit of account, The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators confirmed Aldrin’s evacuation," she said. but if such a monumental upset somehow did take place this year.

thanks to the difference in surface tension between the two drops. " Here is a video of Doherty (the early noughties closest equivalent to Pele – ahem) scoring a frankly ridiculous goal at Wembley against Arsenal. PowerPAC. the emerging truths about the abject state in which years of plundering by a PDP leadership has left the Nigerian treasury and economy. Stephanie, leading to poor learning outcomes, was put to the test by his opponents, Contact us at editors@time.IDEAS Paul is the junior U." No secular government.
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