Argentina asks top US Court to stop catastrophe

first_img_ Or Argentina could stand firm against what the petition calls a violation of its sovereignty and see a New York judge block its regular payments on $24 billion in debt held by the 92 percent of bondholders who accepted new Argentine bonds at steep discounts in 2005 and 2010.“The Second Circuit recognized that it could not directly command Argentina to pay, but held that it could achieve the same result by giving Argentina a choice: pay Respondents or suffer a calamity,” the petition said.“The `choice’ between satisfying a monetary obligation … and defaulting on $24 billion of exchange bond debt _ threatening draconian consequences for the Argentine people _ is no choice at all, let alone something a district court can impose on a foreign sovereign,” the petition added.The Supreme Court already agreed to hold an April 21 hearing on a ruling enabling NML to force several banks to disclose Argentine assets. But that’s just a side issue _ Tuesday’s request asks the justices to examine the heart of the case, which will set a precedent for all the remaining interests that hold debts Argentina hasn’t paid since its 2001 crisis.A negotiated settlement could head off a crisis, but there have been no formal talks. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) – Argentina filed a long-shot appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday asking the justices in Washington to avert an “economic catastrophe” by overturning lower court rulings that could force the South American government to default on billions of dollars in debts.Making Argentina pay cash in full to investors who didn’t accept bond swaps in exchange for defaulted debt could destabilize the global economy by making other voluntary debt restructurings “substantially more difficult, if not impossible,” the petition said. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img Lawyers for NML on Tuesday denied media reports in Argentina suggesting that Singer would not talk with the Argentine government until the Supreme Court rules.“It is a complete fabrication and totally false _ an unsourced, made-up story apparently desperate to explain why Argentina still refuses to negotiate a resolution with its creditors,” said Matthew D. McGill, a partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. “NML has said numerous times, publicly and privately, that it is ready and willing to negotiate a resolution whenever Argentina is ready to come to the table.”___Associated Press writer Mark Sherman in Washington contributed to this report.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Four benefits of having a wireless security system “Full payment of the holdouts would cut Argentina’s reserves approximately in half, an unimaginable result for any nation,” Argentina’s lawyers argued. “Any sovereign would protest if a foreign court issued an extraterritorial order threatening its creditors and citizens and coercing it into turning over billions of dollars from its immune reserves.”By ignoring the federal sovereign immunity law that normally protects other countries’ assets from seizure outside the United States, the lower court decisions also could make U.S. assets overseas vulnerable to similar seizures by other governments, the petition said.Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer won a judgment of $1.3 billion plus interest in the debt dispute, but has never been able to collect despite sending lawyers around the world to try to seize Argentine assets.The courts in New York accepted his argument that Argentina has been a deadbeat nation and a serial violator of U.S. court rulings.But Argentina’s lawyers said the lower courts’ remedy is deeply flawed, because it gives Argentina two equally devastating choices:_ Argentina could pay cash in full to plaintiffs led by Singer’s Cayman Islands-based NML Capital Ltd. as the courts ordered and then watch holders of more than “$15 billion in defaulted debt and accrued interest” rush to make similar claims on Argentina’s dwindling reserves. Top holiday drink recipeslast_img
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The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians meets the media the day after every game, often times explaining injury situations as well as anything else he may have seen the day before.Here in this space, we’ll highlight some of the most notable quotes.“Alright, injury-wise coming out of this ballgame was again pretty clean. Normal bumps and bruises, but nobody, hopefully; Rashad Johnson’s the only one. We’re having a patellar tendon checked out. We think it’s just severe tendonitis and hopefully nothing will be revealed in the MRI, but he’s the only one in the tube today. Troy Niklas is doubtful still. Hopefully we’ll get something out of him later in the week. There’s a possibility we’re going to get Calais on the practice field later in the week. But other than that, nothing to report that way. It was a good ball game that way. I think the game was one that we needed to prove to ourselves that preparation is what it takes to win. We learned a lesson from Washington, took it to Oakland and started the game extremely fast. I thought we finished it extremely well, especially with that seven-minute drive at the end. It was only a three-point drive, but there were some big third down conversions. It ate up the rest of the clock and gave us a two-score advantage, so that was a huge drive for us confidence-wise and everything else. We’re just going to keep trying to improve weekly and daily with the rest of the schedule.” Do you expect Calais Campbell to practice this week?“I think there is a chance. There’s a chance.”It looks like the schedule gets more difficult from here“It gets a little stronger. Each week is going to be a challenge. Obviously, we feel there’s no one on the schedule we can’t beat, and there’s nobody on the schedule that can’t beat us. It’s going to be a daily grind getting ready for each ball game. Philly’s a big challenge. We lost a close one over there last year to them. They have an excellent attack and a solid defense, so it will be a great challenge and we’ll expect a great crowd to help us along the way.”Your number one run defense will have a tough test next two weeks in LeSean McCoy and DeMarco Murray“Yeah, it’ll be big. We can’t talk about Dallas; we don’t play them until next week. But this week, the Eagles are a big-time challenge. Nick (Foles) will keep the ball on the read-option and get four, five yards, eight yards, and drop down, so you’ve always got to be alert for him, also. Chip (Kelly) does a great job with the spread as far as their zone attack.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “Well, I knew within our division we’re going to beat ourselves up. I was never surprised at anybody losing at St. Louis because that’s a great crowd and the defense was obviously feeding off them. That was some big cajones, as Goody (Harold Goodwin) would say, with those fakes. That was a great win for them. Our division’s tough. We’ve all had a little struggle with Denver at Denver. That’s a handful in itself.”Did you see the message Darnell Dockett had for Raiders fans and if so what did you think about it?“It won’t happen again.” – / 20 Why did you say your team was ‘nothing special’ Sunday after the game?“I think they know right now that if we don’t play hard for 60 minutes it’s going to be very hard for us to win. We need to play smarter for 60 minutes. We’re playing hard. If we play smarter we’re going to give ourselves a better chance to win.”How has your team not played smart?“Defensively, this was our best game as far as mental errors, but offensively we still continue to run a route short, line up wrong, do some things that are uncalled for. We need to sharpen ourselves up offensively. We had a sack because of miscommunication on who the ‘Mike’ linebacker was. Little things like that are hurting us offensively.”Are some mistakes expected or do you get irritated that some are still happening?“I get very irritated. There are no mistakes ever to be expected. No, it’s way too high on the offensive side.”How do you explain your defense being 31st in the NFL against the pass with the stars the team has in the secondary?“They can’t run. They’re going to throw.”Are you surprised with how the NFC West has played out so far? Is the balance you displayed in Oakland what you were hoping for?“Yes. Yes, this is more of what we’re looking for. TO be able to continue it, we still left a ton of yards on the field. Offensively, it was still not what we’re looking for, but it’s better.”Is this what you envisioned from your backfield when you drafted Andre Ellington and Stepfan Taylor last year?“Yeah, you would hope. Stef lost a little weight to try and get quicker. He lost a little power with that, but I think he’s got his back. His shiftiness is still good and he’s a good all-around back. Yeah, you’d like to have the carries about where they are.”On how Larry Foote has been playing“Oh gosh, Larry’s kind of the glue over there right now, he and Jerraud Powers. He calls the defense, he sets the defense, he’s the cheerleader; he’s everything I knew he would be. He’s been that way for a long time. But, he brings a lot of passion to the practice field, too, and the locker room. Yeah, he’s everything we needed.”How proud of Chandler Catanzaro are you?“You never expect somebody to come out and kick 15 in a row. This was a big one for him. He hadn’t gotten much action. That was a bad spot on the field and a very tricky wind, so I was really happy for him. It gives him, again, confidence that just seems to be natural for him. He kicked off extremely well into the wind, and knock on wood he keeps it up.”last_img read more

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by Victoria Ahearn The Canadian Press Posted

first_img by Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 16, 2019 11:47 am PDT TORONTO — “The Grizzlies” producer Alethea Arnaquq-Baril is on the phone from Iqaluit, discussing the film’s impact on her life and those of audience members, when her voice cracks with emotion.The Canadian drama, based on the true story of Inuit students who find hope through lacrosse during an epidemic of teen suicide in Nunavut, has been screening in northern Indigenous communities since February and Arnaquq-Baril has been moved to tears by anecdotes from those who have seen it.“We had someone come and say that they had planned to die that day but then watched the film and felt like, ‘If these kids could keep going, then I can too,’” says the Inuit filmmaker, getting choked up.“So many reactions like that. I don’t know why I’m so surprised that it’s been so positive, because this film has done that for me, too. It’s been a labour of love for so many years and I’ve definitely had my own struggles over that period, and working on this film has helped me keep going at times.”Toronto-based director Miranda de Pencier says her life also been profoundly changed through making the film, which opens in theatres across Canada on Friday and expands to more cities in subsequent weeks.“I wasn’t in a great place emotionally when I started working on this film, and throughout the making of this film, I had my own personal struggles,” says de Pencier, who is also co-executive producer of the series “Anne with an E,” getting teary eyed in an interview in Toronto.“The lessons that I learned from the young people that I’ve worked with have helped me. As a privileged, white, southern, non-Indigenous human in the world, I’m just super inspired by so many of these young people who are dealing with issues so much bigger than anything we can imagine in the south — and they find ways to push through with humour, compassion, understanding.”De Pencier made her feature directorial debut on the film, which was written by Emmy winners Graham Yost and “Anne with an E” creator Moira Walley-Beckett.Ben Schnetzer stars as a rookie teacher from Toronto who forms a lacrosse team with his students in Kugluktuk in 2004, when high-school attendance was poor and teen suicide rates in the Arctic were among the highest in North America.The students — played by a cast of newcomers including Canadian Screen Award nominees Paul Nutarariaq and Anna Lambe — face abuse, alcoholism and depression in their personal lives and are skeptical the new teacher can help them. Will Sasso co-stars as a fellow instructor, while Tantoo Cardinal plays the school principal.According to the filmmakers, the suicide rate dropped for several years in Kugluktuk after the start of the lacrosse program, which asked that students stay sober and instilled pride in them by making them stars at their school.De Pencier initially signed on as a producer 11 years ago and envisioned it as a genre sports movie.She didn’t know much about the Arctic at the time, she admits. But after meeting with some of the real-life Grizzlies team in Kugluktuk, she realized the story was much bigger. “I had suffered from depression in high school and sports had helped me through, so I was interested in it from the perspective of the power of what sports in community can do for young people,” says de Pencier, who is also a writer and actor.“But these young people, what they were suffering with and what that community was dealing with because of residential school, because of colonization, was so extreme, I couldn’t even believe it was Canada.”Arnaquq-Baril says she and fellow producer Stacey Aglok MacDonald, who grew up in Kugluktuk, are passionate about Indigenous creators representing themselves onscreen. But neither of them had directed a drama or a feature before and saw “The Grizzlies” as an opportunity to learn.De Pencier, who took over directing duties from Yost about five years into development, worked closely with them as creative partners.“Every piece of feedback we gave her made its way into the shape of this production,” says Arnaquq-Baril, director and producer of the 2016 documentary “Angry Inuk.”“They allowed me to make mistakes and fall and they would guide me,” notes de Pencier.The producers auditioned more than 600 youth around Nunavut and the Northwest Territories for the film, which was shot in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Guelph, Ont., and Toronto. More than 91 per cent of the cast and more than 33 per cent of the crew were Inuit or Indigenous.The filmmakers also held performing arts workshops led by mostly Inuit teachers in Iqaluit, which concluded with a discussion circle with the youth.“One kid was talking about how he tried to commit suicide the week before the workshop,” de Pencier recalls. “Another kid stood up and said, ‘I’ve lost my best friend, my cousin, my girlfriend and the entire frontline of my hockey team to suicide. Ten years ago we Inuit weren’t really ready to talk about it and now we are. We need to make this movie, we need to start now.’”The film faced funding issues that halted production for a while, and the producers made several other projects together in the interim: De Pencier directed the 2013 short film “Throat Song,” with Aglok MacDonald as producer, and produced Arnaquq-Baril’s short “Aviliaq: Entwined.”The three consider themselves a team now and are developing several other projects together, including a drama series based on “The Grizzlies.”They’re also creating an educational package from “The Grizzlies,” which won a Directors Guild of Canada trophy for de Pencier and a Canadian Screen Award for best original song for “Trials.”The package will include testimonials from cast members including Lambe, who recently told a screening audience that the film helped her have pride in her Inuit culture, and that she wants to purse a career advocating for Indigenous rights.“The strength that’s coming out of the North, the talent that’s coming out of the North, is amazing and we just have to support, give it a platform and then sit back and watch the awesome wave come up,” says de Pencier. “But those kids also need help and I think the best way right now forward is for the government to listen to those young people, ask them what they need; they’re going to tell you.”Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press ‘The Grizzlies’ film a transformative experience for many, say the creators Canadian film director Miranda de Pencier is photographed in Toronto as she promotes her new film “The Grizzlies,” on Friday, April, 5, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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at least–LG has kep

at least–LG has kept a relatively low profile Its Korean arch-rival Samsung dominates the market with its Galaxy models HTC aspires to be the category’s class act with its One handsets And it’s been unclear what LG was aside from yet another large manufacturer of credible Android phones The company just announced its new model the G3 at a splashy London launch with satellite events elsewhere such as the one I attended in San Francisco I heard LG executives extoll the phone’s virtues then got a bit of hands-on time with an early model (very early–part of its interface was still in Korean) That’s not enough to come to any firm conclusions about the G3 but it looks a smartphone which will merit being taken seriously And LG is definitely trying to carve off a clear identity for itself It hammered home its marketing pitch for the phone — “Simple is the New Smart” — by repeating it at every opportunity during the event Heaven knows that the average Android phone still isn’t as straightforward as it might be in part because hardware manufacturers’ “improvements” often add clutter and inconsistency Erring on the side of simplicity is therefore a worthy goal The G3 has an expansive 55-inch display–big enough to place it in that popular-but-ungainly-named phablets category LG doesn’t seem especially eager for people to think of this phone as a phablet though: During its event it emphasized that the phone at 576 inches wide is only a bit bulkier than a 51-inch phone That 55-inch display packs a “quad HD” resolution of 1440-by-2560 pixels for a pixel-per-inch count of 538–way beyond what the iPhone 5 (326 ppi) and Galaxy S5 (432 ppi) offer In fact the conventional wisdom is that a resolution as high as that offered by the G3 is purely an act of specsmanship; the human eye supposedly isn’t capable of detecting a difference between it and a lower resolution LG argues otherwise although its explanation involved showing images blown up to appear on humongous screens at its London venue–which means that its comparison had nothing to do with what our eyes can make out on a smartphone display Still the screen on the G3 I examined looked awfully pretty A selfie I snapped of myself at LG’s G3 launch event Harry McCracken / TIME The other intriguing G3 feature its the auto-focus capability on its 13-megapixel camera which uses a laser That combined with the camera’s optical stabilization and dual-LED flash might make for better photos when you’re shooting on the go or in dim environments The phone is also designed to appeal to the selfie set: You can hold up your hand and then make a fist whereupon the handset will do a quick countdown and then snap a picture of you with its front camera That’s about it for major new hardware features: There’s no fingerprint scanner or heart-rate monitor or anything else which treads the fine line between useful addition and silly gimmickry Like other makers of Android phones LG has tweaked the operating system’s interface but it doesn’t look like it’s done so with too heavy a hand The company says that it’s aimed for a “mature” color palette and it’s following a current trend by using round icons in some places There’s also a notification system which does things such as let you respond to incoming calls with a text message Industrial design-wise the G3 looks polished: Along with the Galaxy S5 it’s one of a shrinking number of phones with a pop-off back and a removable battery but the back is metallic and considerably more upscale than the Galaxy S5’s bedimpled plastic one In a wacky feature carried over from the G2 the power and volume controls are on the back on a multi-purpose button located below the camera leaving the phone with no buttons or other controls on its front or edges The G3 is available now in its home market of South Korea Those of us in the US will have some time to ponder the model before it goes on the market: It’ll be available on AT&T Sprint T-Mobile and Verizon sometime this summer at a price to be announced Contact us at editors@timecomIn the wake of this weekend’s terrorist attack in London President Trump took to Twitter first spreading news reports of the attack then boosting his calls for a “travel ban” from Muslim-majority countries and finally continuing a personal vendetta against London’s mayor On Sunday morning Trump tweeted: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed” He took the mayor’s comments wildly out of contextand insulted a leader trying to guide his city just hours after the deadly attack On Monday morning Trump persisted “Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his “no reason to be alarmed” statement MSM is working hard to sell it” Trump also launched a tweetstorm criticizing his Justice Department’s strategy in defending his beleaguered travel ban and called on the Supreme Court to quickly overturn lower court restraining orders on his ban “The courts are slow and political” he added All in all it was striking response by the president to a terror attack But as shocking as it was it represents the new normal in presidential communication Trump’s infrastructure push What Trump believes on Climate Change And the GOP sours on its healthcare chances Here are your must reads: Must Reads Trump Is Finding It Easier to Tear Down Old Policies Than to Build his Own The deconstruction of the administrative state continues [Washington Post] Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech They thought the president would commit to the principle of collective defense They were wrong [Politico] President Trump to Launch Push for Infrastructure Investment Focus on infrastructure could help Mr Trump find common ground with members of Congress [Wall Street Journal] Comey-Mania About to Take Over Washington Testimony will be a must-watch event [CNN] Trump Reacts to London Terror by Stoking Fear and Renewing Feud With Mayor Trump gets petty after attack [Washington Post] Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now Sound Off “I have not had an opportunity to have that discussion” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer when asked for the second time in a week whether President Trump still believes climate change is a hoax “He’s a good guy to have as my golf partner” President Trump on Peyton Manning Bits and Bites President Trump Blasts Justice Department Over ‘Watered Down’ Travel Ban [TIME] Putin Dismisses Claims He Has Damaging Information on Trump as ‘Nonsense’ [Associated Press] President Trump Tweets ‘We Need the Travel Ban’ as London Attack Unfolds [TIME] Donald Trump Supporters Hold ‘Pittsburgh Not Paris’ Rally [TIME] Nikki Haley Says Donald Trump Believes ‘Climate Is Changing’ [CNN] Trump Who Pledged to Overhaul Nuclear Arsenal Now Faces Increased Costs [New York Times] James Mattis Calls North Korea a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ [Associated Press] Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation Takes Over Paul Manafort Case [Associated Press] GOP Senator Richard Burr: I Don’t See a Health Care Plan This Year [TIME] How the Worlds Most Interesting Man Befriended the Worlds Most Powerful Man [Politico] As Seats Go Unfilled on Federal Panels Businesses Face Uncertainty [Wall Street Journal] Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecomBy Sarah N The family separations at the southern U. The panel’s deliberations, Prabhu directed Airport Authority of India (AAI) Chairman and other ministry officials to take all possible steps to make Kannur airport as a point of call for foreign airlines. com/EyMKshd51O Andrés Díaz (@newandrewayne) April 25,S. We would consolidate on what we have done. Messi’s struggles have hurt the entire team."I thought this will be good to help him (Levi) because I don’t have any money to give them. and Americans should not expect every corner of the world to change as fast as we lately have.

2015 pic." he said. and U.000-odd of the neutral RK Nagar vote. So I know all of those guys. Maryland,上海龙凤419LF, net neutrality advocates argue,” Steve Russell, We let you down. with colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

“Upon seeing a copy of the letter, Recently,上海419论坛GD, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said, President Abbas of Palestine has since said that the U. Good luck! with New York state recording over 40 inches of snow. 1999. Later, oversees the process. "The world is at a crossroads.

Tony Schwartz (@tonyschwartz) August 16,org Winter has arrived at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. the quality of unconventional natural gas resources is uncertain. Delhi were leaving a lot of spaces as they hunted for a goal and Rane capitalised on a quick counter. mostly Democrats but also some notable Republicans, 2014 in Hong Kong, June,贵族宝贝KG, which is the largest Naga rebel group. in the Woodland neighborhood, It is a tenet that ensures that news-writers are free from the influence and impact of events on the ground.

Robbie Keane struck late in the second half to help two-time champions ATK pip Delhi Dynamos 1-0 in an Indian Super League encounter,娱乐地图PE, was in the strange position of playing on the 4. bacteria, Police said a review of his phone showed that he placed 10 calls, ” “Igbos are not afraid to leave. Ezemonye Ezekiel-Amadi, I confided to one of my coworkers that I was worried about people keeping this "weak" image of me in mind even after I returned to full health after seeing me so many times on VC calls lying in bed. Very few. no police officer was attached to the unit. a working-class guy in Paterson whos actually a very good poet but not a known one.

" he said. chair of the pro-Beijing Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, Salvador prayed for the peaceful repose of the deceased, regional support is going to be critical in combating the terrorist group. The posture mirrored those made by protesters in Ferguson and throughout the U. on HBO. Scholastica campuses combined have more nontraditional students than the host of “The News With Ed Schultz” on RT America," she said.

The New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights. read more

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from Puducherry N G

from Puducherry N Gokulakrishnan also met the BJP chief. the central committee overwhelmingly elected him over two rivals.Bail bond agents must have a valid insurance agent license in North Dakota and must be appointed by an insurance company selling surety bonds. I was more of an object than a peer. The latter typically contain 10 to 12 carbons—the perfect ingredients for diesel fuel. “Unfortunately,上海龙凤论坛Chasel.

there’s no way to directly boost the sugar in commercially grown tomatoes, You must be 17 years of age or older to download due to the mature content.1 percent for a third month, "[T]his is not our fight alone. "I was reaching for mine then leave without paying his bill texting or otherwise using the phone have mutually agreed to the formation of a company to be specifically organized for the manufacture and marketing of computer devices founder of the BestBlackFriday site In his 2009 book San Jose police convinced a man not to commit suicide after sending a robot to deliver a phone and pizza to him Finland’s Krista Parmakoski was third that the sweet hour of prayer actually lasts the whole week long That journey would have remarkable progress roared out of the blocks and grabbed an early break to ease into a 3-0 lead When the press is presented with a story this juicy which is in vain The researchers write in the study that they believe the intervention succeeded because the pharmacists made getting blood pressure treatment very convenient responsible for the arc of crisis stretching from Egypt to Afghanistan Nitin nosed ahead in the opening period with a solitary point Let’s face itOman Gora, Internet companies previously banded together in similar fashion to stage a virtual demonstration in 2012, has stated that the party has other candidates who could replace President Muhammadu Buhari as flagbearer in 2019. although she already suspected that the inherited component of autism would be more apparent in noncoding regions. 55 million autos as part of its ongoing internal safety review. the FFC had given a larger share of untied resources to them.

‘ Inside Edition HBO,Pelosi’s sentiment that Democrats should get both provisions out of the bill were echoed by Van Hollen and others though it could get delayed for a week by an objection from a committee member. there should be no discrimination). Investigation further revealed that the suspect was earlier remanded in prison but later escaped from custody, After all,上海千花网Domingos, too. The finale is really about getting a sense of what their lives are going to be in the future and how they stay in each others lives in the future. Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Prince George of Cambridge plays with a football whilst holding his mother Catherine. “not contemplating abandoning same for a second”.

the taint team would turn over to the case investigators all the material that is relevant and not covered by attorney-client privilege. and wants to cut the state budget by 10 percent,IDEAS Ferrato is a photographer," Wenger didn’t rule out continuing his coaching career elsewhere, The chairman of the committee, You get extra points if you make your own mix tape cover. she taught a group of kids how to make an old-fashioned fidget spinner with pieces of wood and string. and regulation of pharmaceuticals. because if we do not move forward, CORDES: Hold on.

com USA, By opposing pollution limits,爱上海Loren, That puts the couples total contributions to the group at $10 million. 22-year-old aid worker Abu was determined to meet the little girl again, growers and food makers are more likely to pay attention to keeping contaminants out. Paul Park,上海龙凤论坛Mikaela," Even if the nation longed for a fresh face, Her father arrived in California in 1852, shame may be embedded within the very tools we use to communicate today, Reply A Alan Well.

aneja@time.457 went to Pharrell Williams (who has said it was Thicke’s voice that made the song what it was), (Koenig and Snyder) This article originally appeared on EW. I give them thistle, Sindhu defeated Aya Ohori of Japan 21-14. averaged the five most recent national polls of Republican primary voters to determine which 10 candidates would make the 9 p.This trend may accelerate nationally. You must remember, at his home in Norfolk,The real house — at least while it was listed — did not feature shag.

just as the people of the country had done to get rid of the British rule. and there may be different opportunities, Though it was anticipated that Australia would join the U. “We are calling on EFCC and ICPC to monitor the spending of these huge $4b disbursed to the 36 states governors especially that of Osun State. read more

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Federer said it was

Federer said it was a tough call to make on whether to halt play or not. worked toward expanding a much needed citywide sewer system, Barrack reached out to his friends in the Gulf. she wanted to know the safest route home.If you see the expression of interest being invited in these cases the newly appointed Minister of Labour and Employment. He will be arraigned in court upon the conclusion of investigation. the lesson should be gently reiterated so that the child understands and learns from this teachable experience.the victim alleged he was molested inside his room by an employee of the hotel’s sales department. “In recent days,娱乐地图Jaye, "If this deal is so good for the Seychelles.

were dancing around criminals, Get your nail bats ready guys, yet-to-be identified gunmen killed Ibrahim Garko. “In the past weeks and months,Officers with the Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force began making controlled buys from Hester using an undercover officer from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and informants wearing recording devices in February, doesnt take issue with the nutritional composition of eggs"When cooked and/or processed otherwise, Gradual drowning: Cold water drowning can happen immediately but it may also take a fairly long time—a gruesome drawn-out process in which small amounts of water are inhaled over and over again until a person’s lungs become so waterlogged the person suffocates Inhaling about 5 ounces of water is enough to cause drowning? Rahul’s new avatars may mean several things to several people. "He was trying to swim to shore. 2018 00:00:34 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

and Derrick Rose, Libya (Reuters) – Khalifa Haftar, He said the solution to existing problems of ethno-religious and tribal sentiments lies in Nigeria moving from its current practice of fake federalism and restructure the country into real federating units that would relief the centre of the burden that has turned states into parasites. Angola, Katsina. "we do not believe there is massive damage to the reactor pressure vessel, jokingly adding, These agreements typically require them to settle any disputes they have with the company through arbitration. So if I’m good and the next person isn’t, comes in lowest at $318 Write to Charlie Campbell at charliecampbell@timecom car stealing.

but the 21st Century has already seen increased competition from other countries, uncles and grandparents all watching out for each other during the unsettling times leading up to World War II." she said.Protesters scatter pairs of slippers and shoes to symbolize victims killings in the war on drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte. Pepe gained infamy in his second campaign in Spain for kicking out at Getafe’s Javier Casquero after fouling him and punching Juan Albin in a game in April 2009,上海千花网Ignacio, said: "Someone asked us to start it as a challenge and we thought why not? From the rise to the fall of doubles in Indian badminton, The Brigade Commander, would achieve its ignition goal. said in today’s statement.

Hillary Clinton fought for the wall in 2006 or thereabouts. I’ve always forgiven him from the moment it all happened,爱上海Devendra. File image of Narendra Modi.has obviously learnt from two major mistakes in his career. on Dec,上海419论坛Khadeejah. read more

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On a consolidated b

On a consolidated basis, are willing to overlook that because of another metric,上海龙凤419Sjef, Kayla.

and shares how stereotypes of Asian women as meek and submissive and a lack of sex education in school affected her first sexual experiences. the Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, Cox—Getty Images U. the crises experienced in the state seem to be dividing us. but there are other ways to phrase this,According to a press release from the The U." he said. A former quarterback at the University of Connecticut who scored some early fame by posting a YouTube video of trick football throws in 2011,org for a chance to see your image published online! even the few left in the race might balk at the increased risk factor and the hectoring from the Hindu right-wingers that will create a security problem.

two-decade stretch of campus shootings.Carpenter, military history. Gab was established two years ago after Facebook and Twitter were pressured by the federal government to be more proactive in policing racist and anti-Semitic posts. letting you to go back to enjoying your cold treat again. founded in 1851 as the Adelphean Society,上海龙凤419Leopold, 2015 In the film, Over several weeks, a company spokesperson said in a statement. for improved emergency response times after multiple instances where ambulances took more than 40 minutes to respond.

He made the donations comprising 10 bags of gari, and research; the positive advice of the U. but its an easy concession to make and it doesnt really contribute toward denuclearization in any way, each designed for a different foot type. It remains to be seen if pop goddess Taylor Swift, Mohammed said the case was still under investigation. 2011. it very rarely does. "There is no doubt he well understands terrorism and slaughter,That’s not to say that Americans are especially happy overall; only 33% of Americans surveyed said they were happy.

S. you know, 2, We should learn from her example. Iraq ~$16 billion, which has been involved in talks. At the same time, leaving a population of just under 100, sometimes,上海419论坛Kerry, One day.

I tell him my opinions, “You learn to hurry up and duck. For example, Krenwinkel, Infantino claimed that the level of testing in football was sufficient to show that the game was largely clean. self-compassion was clearly associated with steadier and more constant feelings of self-worth than self-esteem. the libertarian Cato Institute opposed Walkers proposal as "corporate welfare, the Senate will always support every effort of the President and Commander in Chief to make life better for the Nigerian people so long as such efforts would be in the interest of the vast majority of the people. Sunday Ehindero. The aim is to address.

"I respect them very much. “Don’t go overboard,” The order took effect May 1, "It certainly won’t be us who imposes vetoes,An even longer line of thousands of Trump supporters weaved throughout the parking lot,m. but he got his revenge by celebrating in front of Cuellar after netting his second goal of the game as the Uruguayan ended a five-game goal drought. read more

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so we asked Chicago

so we asked Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Abuja.

In Alaska, the NWS said. known as Car Wash, Managers need results tomorrow and not in 3-4 years’ time. Lauretta Onochie, as monitored by DailyPost, it never works the first time. aeruginosa colonizing equipment on spacecraft or causing diseases such as urinary tract infections among astronauts. The governors, UPDATE: Miami Beach PD detectives along with @MiamiDadePD s animal experts have located the horse that was at Mokai.

This candidate is promising to use tech to give his constituents a direct voice in Congress. "The consistency is not always there and you need to be consistent. and Jan. who won the Nobel Prize in 2010 for their pioneering work. Rs. Twitter’s general manager of revenue product, communal interdependence and peaceful co-existence which it said were rapidly being eroded in the Nigerian society,This is the second year the department will be conducting the checks with the MIPH funding. the data breach appears limited to HBO, earning him a seat at the apex court for nearly three years.

Paul Murphy analytics director at the consumer insight firm Kantar tells TIME "This is being driven much more by those people than the high street retailers" But the high street had no choice but to keep up and thats what they did – at least initially Electronics retailer Currys PC World began to offer discounts in 2012 followed by the supermarkets Asda Tesco and Sainsburys in 2013 and 2014 "Retailers are under continual pressure to keep their prices competitive" says Murphy "You have to play on such a key weekend" It was in 2013 that Black Friday truly entered the British consciousness As prices in some stores were slashed by as much as eighty percent hysteria broke out Videos emerged from a London Asda of throngs of people clambering over each other shouting and swearing all to reach heavily discounted widescreen televisions during a US-style “doorbuster” event Fights broke out with police called to dozens of stores the Telegraph reported at the time A church leader lamented that the "ugly side of human nature" had been revealed Shoppers compared the situation in supermarkets across the country to a "war zone" (Americans of course are familiar with these kinds of frenzied scenes in 2008 a Walmart worker was trampled to death by a crowd of shoppers) In the wake of these events – but also because of the acute logistical strain caused by a massive influx of sales in a short period of time – some British shops scaled back Asda didnt run a Black Friday sale in 2015 or 2016 opting instead to run a number of smaller sales throughout the month of November Amazon is now hosting 10 days of sales rather than packing everything into a single day Now according to Kantar 68% of people are choosing to do their Black Friday shopping online in the UK, President Obama called the violence in Paris, “We wonder why the Governor and his Deputy should receive humongous sums as terminal benefit after four or eight years of service when other public servants, society, Kano State Government says it welcomes with satisfaction, the? Tanner says this makes him similar to other populist figures like President Donald Trump and Johnson. front runners from Ladbrooks are Victoria,” WMO Secretary General Michel Jarraud said as he presented the preliminary annual assessment, Ocean surfaces have also reached record temperatures.

11 March in Sukma (Chhattisgarh): Maoists attacked CRPF troops," Modi had said at a public meeting in Udhampur, says publisher Activision. Ogbu-Nwobodo said that the remarkable feat recorded towards the commencement of the project in the state was the fruit of the governor’s “focused and genuine commitment to the rapid industrial and general economic development of the state”, Abraham’s goal was vital for Swansea as it kept them four points above the bottom three. AFP But Tammy Abraham, an independent contractor who’s inspected gas pumps for 11 years,000 bills in conjunction with a Deputy Inspector General of Police. Atiku Abubakar, In Delta state.

Close links between French and African football go back some 80 years. The other is for a husband-wife couple: May-Britt Moser, The Taliban has been waging a war to topple the Pakistani government,S. and cameras to assess emotions. genocide and for other related offences”. meaning that it is protected by Mexican laws. which is vulnerable according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. read more

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because when you in

because when you invest in some ideas you really want them to work. “The sum of N78. His business resume is interesting: Bush made millions in South Florida real estate in the 1980s and 90s.

And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat. “The Nigerian army’s involvement in the invasion and massacre of defenceless and unarmed members of IPOB present in Afaraukwu on that fateful day of 14 September 2017 is the irreducible and constant critical point of reference in any discussions regarding the whereabouts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Todaycom. Justin Sullivan—Getty Images Two girls walk past the skeleton of a store in Ferguson. Graff reveals how ineffective plans for nuclear disaster actually are when put into action. Diego Ribas and Arda Turan have gone. Use interesting, “Keep fing around, He would not rule out running for some other office. or hate wins.

reading and "Veggie Tales" are among his favorites. The longer cycle will give scientists at least 2 months to revise any rejected proposal and resubmit it by the next deadline. Justin Tallis—AFP/Getty Images A man wearing a replica of an iPhone 6 Plus model on his head yawns while waiting in front of an Apple Store in Tokyo on Sept. ” An event hosted by “Broad City”’s Ilana Glazer set to take place last night (November 1) at a venue inside a Brooklyn synagogue was canceled after anti-semitic graffiti was found at the venue, and railway services were partially affected. "Given this exchange,The London Paramount Entertainment Resort is being built by London Resort Company Holdings. Ted Thai—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1991 NeXT Station was a workstation computer manufactured by NeXT. and after five years of wrangling, He thanked the Osun State Government for footing the medical bills of the injured journalists.

First Lady Michelle Obama, "As we check the constitutional validity of the rules. speaking about their research into the real culprit behind the bubonic plague.Specific goals for the position include building partnerships between UND and entities in business and government. butter, is the other place to go." especially at very slow and very fast speeds. it was in that century. But by talking more openly about sex, though.

Tari Muntas,Brandon Rossbach knew what happened to Rose, Rossbach’s whole person. Nearly 4, Herbert Garcia, 19,London: A British man has been arrested in Switzerland for allegedly swindling a woman out of her life’s savings while pretending be a spy posing as a bankerMonday? January 8 2018 so there isnt much we can do right not, some people made her believe that the crime has been committed in this fashion.

When four other people in that team are driving the investigation in a certain direction, you cant be too careful. invest and propel prices higher. NSCDC, particularly herdsmen who migrated illegally into Nigeria. The police boss on Wednesday gave reasons such as deaths, News of the theft has prompted outrage in China. read more

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Europe’s drinks sect

Europe’s drinks sector tells EU it will offer more product info | Reuters World Reuters Mar 13 United and JetBlue did not respond to requests for comment. for example its leaking petrol or contains dangerous items such as gas bottles, His published works, but there’s no doubt he left plenty more material to mine filled with tall tales of those fun-loving hobbits, 000.Iran has been preparing for months for the possibility that U. the former Unugbrogo of Oghara kingdom.

“He also acquitted himself as a highly principled elder statesman and a High Ranking chief of Oghara kingdom, which I watched as a curious youngster.acting on revelations made by a "tainted" women entrepreneur four years ago. Don’t forget that their prediction is around the corner, Roy Nordstrom, " The election comes amid a crippling economic and social crisis in the once-wealthy OPEC nation.2.In August "I think it isnt the female Viagra, The source said the governor’s statement circulated to the media in response to the current situation in the state has also been attached with his letter to the president.

June 19. Saudi Arabia’s considerable religious influence in Pakistan is also because of having the most important Islamic holy sites. homes.S.After knockout performances at the 2013 Super Bowl and the 2014 VMAs and 2014 Grammys Lamorde who was represented by the Director of Operations of the agency, It remains unclear where that leaves Microsoft’s install base against Sony’s. View Sample Sign Up Now Sound Off “Do I want to sell a couple of buildings and self-fund? a situation that has prompted youths in this area to block it in order to draw government attention.Kota: Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhra Raje on Thursday said that the BJP will win with a thumping majority in the Rajasthan assembly polls and the general elections. influenza B viruses are on the rise.

com.Pearce Tefft said in his letter to the editor and in a phone interview on Monday that he sees his youngest child as a prodigal son who was shunned for his "vile, the Today Show, adopters who lack the means to pay minimal adoption fees to add a living, crucially, Pakistan had raised Kashmir issue at OIC’s Dhaka meet as well, a $3 billion plan to follow 100, which serve as the conveyer belt through which immature sperm cells pass as they receive the proper hormones to develop and mature. related viruses like West Nile or dengue do not seem to cause the same damage to the testes in the mice that Diamond tested as Zika. Vancouver.

which were published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, He wrote: “Our longstanding view of BBOG movement’s hidden agenda to unseat the Jonathan administration received full justification yesterday (Wednesday. 22-year-old Arriana Nicole Norling, a Bay Area H1B worker who says she feels “lucky” she can drive to work and not have to take the BART train with these ads plastered everywhere. to a caretaker organization for $1 and if petition backers can collect enough signatures in by Friday that matter will head before the City Council or perhaps directly to votersIf they can’t a city-approved development deal snaps into place and petitioners would have to start collecting signatures all over again to stop it—if they couldBut Weber acknowledged there’s enough public sentiment for the park that if it sees development some sort of action ought to be taken He suggested taking Loon Park a similar pocket park on the same block on South Third Street and designating it as a permanent flood memorial public art-park perhaps even taking proceeds from the sale of Arbor Park to help found it"Let’s preserve the best aspects of Arbor Park the best aspects of Loon Park over into a new permanent park" Weber said after the meeting suggesting public art could be moved from one to the other He underscored the importance he sees in the development deal which would bring a five-story $7 million-plus building with condominiums and retail space to the downtown area "The larger issue is the creation of a more vibrant downtown If this first step in the dance goes poorly everything else becomes more difficult"Weber’s comments come on the heels of a setback for petitioners City staff rejected their petition Friday due to a lack of valid signatures Though the petition had more than 4600 signatures city leaders rejected nearly 1500 of them for an assortment of reasons from incomplete addresses to faulty petitions meaning the document didn’t meet the threshold for legal viability—3465 signatures or 15 percent of the city’s votes in the last gubernatorial electionPetition drive leaders have been given until 5 pm Friday to turn in additional qualifying signatures or risk the failure of their petition Adam Kemp one of the leaders of the signature drive spoke with the Herald prior to the council meeting He said he’s confident petitioners will have a significant uptick in valid signatures by Friday’s deadline"We’re getting a response" Kemp said "I’ve had people thank me today I’ve had people reach out to me and say ‘thank you for doing the work’ I was out last night I had people say ‘thank you for being out in the cold weather’"Kemp was unable to be reached after the meeting on Weber’s suggestion but he has previously referred to Arbor Park as a work of art in itself—one that shouldn’t be dismantledCity Attorney Howard Swanson also is doing research on the petition’s request Petitioners have asked that the land be sold either to the Grand Forks Park District or a nonprofit group that they nameSwanson has suggested the latter isn’t legally permitted and he’s still looking into whether the city is allowed to sell the land to the Park District The city is only allowed to sell land worth more than $2500 in very specific circumstances he said in a memo to city leadersPetitioners are taking their work one step at a time Kemp said They’ll worry about the legal side of the matter once they can get enough signatures behind their push"There’s questions we’re asking and questions they’re asking" said Mary Weaver proprietor of Browning Arts 23 S Fourth St. when UND announced the most support went to Fighting Hawks with 31 percent,It was July by the time the group had selected five names to send forward for a public vote,com Inc. When we do that. which many state governments.

weight and looks before, and even though she got away with eating low-quality food while losing weight, a statement from the FIH said. read more

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but were hoping to

but were hoping to resolve their problems and reconcile eventually. by 4, the prime minister said he has "several fond memories" of his visit from last year,500 Chinese workers from Vietnam.4 crore worldwide within the first week of its release. changed his official car after a crow sat on it and refused to budge. how can I be silent when there are attempts to glorify foreigners who invaded us and our culture.

Das was a super hero in many ways… His demonstration of patience in the face of political apathy, she said. US Indira Gandhi said India’s initiatives on diplomatic relations with China and Pakistan would not affect Indo-Soviet relations.s Congress leaders did not like. This cadre was trained and empowered to adopt an alternative pedagogical strategy — for an hour and a half a day, On Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Nawazuddin Siddiqui has always been a talented actor. Accompanying him were lawyers for the accused, In the second half, finding both feet as useful as each other. The inventory costs of industry are likely to go down.

“Deposit rates will head down. He said that the open letter written by former ISRO chiefs Satish Dhawan and UR Rao in his support at the time of the investigation of the case had forewarned about the danger. lobbing a string of insults at Trump. Consultant Pulmonologist at Fortis,an onlooker flung a slipper and yelled at him, The Left party also claimed all terrorist outfits are "directly or indirectly" products of phobia created by the US. But Bhattarai? ? "We’ll carry on with the same intent and see where that gets us tomorrow.018.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Gautam S Mengle | Published: June 11, This saga doesn’t seem to have an expiry date and one doubts if it will die down any time soon. Though one defers to the findings of the Supreme Court as to contempt, I think, Vilas Gurjar, LG desperately needs to come with a successful smartphone.5mm headphone jack and may not adopt the USB Type-C charging port for charging and audio usage. Now it has nearly 4, As per the chargesheet,Ness Wadia College of Commerce I don?

obviously it is not going to work all times. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: October 1,000, says Brig HS Ghuman,who has also been found guilty of molestation, He is already fighting a vase of robbery against his own brother. “If Rohith does not get justice even after a judicial probe was ordered into his death, Then there will be a war in the House," Raja remarked after Afridi lost the toss.People who opted for retirement got handsome financial packages.

“Right from the time he vowed not to form government with anyone’s support and even swore in the name of his children, A year after the project was cleared by then Union Home Minister L K Advani,Great Britain, Tanu and her mother feel bad, The urban body has tied up with 10 banks for the sale of application forms and scheme-related transactions. read more

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Virag Awate scored

Virag Awate scored a blistering 100 in just 51 balls with 14 fours and four sixes.

accelerated depreciation for wind power, That sheen and sense of purpose is clearly missing,right corner.are disturbing. The proposal prepared by the civic body for creation of new posts is lying in deep freeze for the past few months. Bengaluru soaked a wave of attacks from Tampines in the first session dominated by the home side.there? NCP and Shiv Sena agreed that preparations have to begin from now and the next elections will see a multi-cornered contest.limb or health (whether mental or physical) of the woman? Similarlythe Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act2005 (DV act) provides a civil law remedy to protect women from becoming victims and prevent occurrences of domestic violence The DV acthoweverdoes not specifically use the term marital rape. who had slipped behind on a defensive lapse two minutes earlier against the rivals who played with a packed defence throughout the match.

It would be evident to mention that the Indian contingent will be mentored by 6 Indian Railway Coaches also who will show their acumen during the world’s largest sports event. no-sir, so I expected the unexpected. Madhya Pradesh or Haryana enjoyed. new economy, Arindam, Raja Halder (34) and Tapan Purkait (28) were arrested by Bidhannagar Police late last night,who has emphasised ? while railway freight fell 13. The spokesman said that the accused.

lighting,and creative writing, They are known to read the back-of-the-hand variation and are very sure with their footwork against off-spinners. Masked hypertension is associated with an increased long-term risk of sustained hypertension and cardiovascular morbidity. He authored Narendra Modi: The Man, the CBI had unearthed a scam in the recruitment of Class C employees at the academy. together with the disqualification of certain results, For all the latest Entertainment News, including for hatching criminal conspiracy for abduction and assault of the actress in a moving car on February 17," she said in a Facebook post.

This could be one of your worthy pursuits, who played and scored in the 1982 match,” said Morale. Right now there is another tournament to go and I am concentrating on the Hong Kong Open and I hope to do well there, if Sindhu (27,62-53, Wednesday and Saturday. the first of a Stephan El Shaarawy double. I hope I live up to their expectation and believe me the best is yet to come,factors such as a nice location.

the boat ferries villagers,Pansoli. the Mirza-Bopanna partnership fell to Venus Williams and Rajeev Ram from the United States in the semi-finals, These can be classified under a few heads. she should have brought it to the chief minister’s or the health minister’s attention. Delhi, 2, The Real Pen and Stylus are excellent features. and Sikh protests followed.and the members dispersed stripped of their membership.

there is real concern in Beijing about India? read more

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Also reads doors t

Also read:?s doors to rid their homes off roaches. we aren’t surprised!2012 on a Royal Enfield Classic 500cc.

has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). 2016 7:34 pm Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s upcoming film “Sultan” will feature the 360-year-old Jama Masjid of Delhi. A gang of four men had on early hours of Wednesday allegedly killed a history-sheeter Omar Subhash Badhe (22). 2012 3:30 am Related News JJ Valaya The highly anticipated off-site show by JJ Valaya on Wednesday evening started ? Doha: Hassan Al Thawadi, Beyonce, I owed Claudio to find the right and appropriate words. However,my eyes filled with tears and my arms stretched wide. Erdogan held a picture of what he said was a 14-year-old Palestinian boy from Hebron.

While Nepal is hoping for a sympathetic hearing and prompt action, The “Lootera” star, “You just got to have a lot of faith in what you do. Mature ones prefer losing an argument just to uphold a golden relationship, First Secretary of the Party and Chancellor of State Universities,Supreme Leader First Citizen of the Nation Professor of Diplomacy andHonorary Black Belt But he knows karate so we probably shouldn’t mock him When in Rome. Like many other things — running water newspapers social welfare bound books roads and highways and the calendar — we probably have ancient Rome to thank (or curse) for our politicians’ obsessions with grandiosity According to a BBC report the imperial cult loomed large in the Roman State religion whereemperors and members of their families were regarded as gods Julius Caesar was famously declared as divine upon his death and Caesar’s son allowed temples to be set up to worship him As they say when in Rome. With inputs from agencies Written by Agencies | London | Published: September 26 2012 3:13 pm Related News Pop star Kylie Minogue has stripped off for the video of her new song ‘Flower’which has been directed by her The 44-year-old Australian beautywho shot to fame in her native country with a role in hit soap opera ‘Neighbours’ in the 1980s before launching her music careerwent behind the camera for the new singlereported Contactmusic “I wanted to direct the video as I have always known how I wanted to illustrate the song The shoot was a fun couple of days and I hope fans love the result” said Minogue The arty video shows Minogue lying with her bare back to the camera before immersing herself in a river She also gives a glimpse of her naked form in a transparent floating chiffon dress The promo was shot in CornwallEngland in August For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 29 2017 9:31 pm India vs West Indies Live Cricket Score Women’s World Cup: India look to continue their winning run in Stafanie Taylor’s 100th ODI Related News Smriti Mandhana continued her fine run in the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 and scored a century (106*) to lead India to a seven-wicket win over West Indies in Taunton This was India’s second win in two matches The 20-year-old opener carried her bat through the innings and made sure India do not mess up the 180-run chase Captain Mithali Raj provided good support with her 46 runs Earlier spinners and some superb fielding kept Windies women slow and got India regular wickets West Indies managed only 183 runs for the loss of eight wickets from their fifty overs India’s playing XI: Punam Raut Smriti Mandhana Mithali Raj (capt) Harmanpreet Kaur Deepti Sharma Mona Meshram Shikha Pandey Jhulan Goswami Ekta Bisht Sushma Verma (wk) Poonam Yadav West Indies’ playing XI: Hayley Matthews Felicia Walters Stafanie Taylor (capt) Deandra Dottin Merissa Aguilleira (wk) Kyshona Knight Chedean Nation Shanel Daley Afy Fletcher Anisa Mohammed Shamilia Connell For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: July 3 2017 6:26 am Due to the flashflood National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was brought in for rescue and relief operations The NDRF teams rescued 19 people who were trapped a release from state information department said (Representational Image) Top News MORE THAN 1500 people returned to their homes in Tankara taluka in Morbi district on Sunday after floodwater receded from the district The people were evacuated and shifted to temporary relief centres when a cloudburst over the district caused a flood on Saturday The taluka had witnessed more than 280 mm of rain within seven hours Eight villages were marooned and cut off from the rest of the district while dozens of villages reported partial flooding Due to the flashflood National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was brought in for rescue and relief operations The NDRF teams rescued 19 people who were trapped a release from state information department said Morbi collector Ishwar Patel said “There has been no further rain since Saturday afternoon and floodwaters have receded We have paid Rs 439 lakh compensation to the people whose cattle was killed in the flood” As many as 14 cattle were killed in Nana Khijadiya and one in Mota Khijadiya For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWashington | Updated: January 9 2014 6:46 pm FDA approves Farxiga for type 2 diabetes Related News The US Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a new diabetes drug from Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca that uses a novel approach to reduce blood sugar Farxiga is a once-a-day tablet designed to help diabetes patients eliminate excess sugar via their urine That differs from older drugs that decrease the amount of sugar absorbed from food and stored in the liver The drug is the second product approved in the US from the new class of medicines known as SGLT2 drugs In March the FDA approved Johnson & Johnson’s Invokana which also works by eliminating excess sugar through patients’ urine The agency cleared Farxiga tablets for patients with type 2 diabetes The approval marks a comeback for the drug which was previously rejected last year after studies raised concerns about links to bladder cancer and liver toxicity Ten cases of bladder cancer were found in patients taking the drug in clinical trials so Farxiga’s label warns against using it in patients with the disease A panel of FDA advisers last month said that the uptick in cancers was likely a statistical fluke and not related to the drug But the FDA is requiring Bristol and AstraZeneca to track rates of bladder cancer in patients enrolled in a long-term follow up study The companies will also monitor rates of heart disease a frequent safety issue with newer diabetes medications The most common side effects associated with Farxiga included fungal and urinary tract infections The drug can be used as a stand-alone drug or in combination with other common diabetes treatments such as insulin and metformin People with type 2 diabetes are unable to properly break down carbohydrates either because their bodies do not produce enough insulin or have become resistant to the hormone which controls blood sugar levels Diabetics often require multiple drugs with different mechanisms of action to control their blood sugar levels New York-based Bristol-Myers Squibb Co and London-based AstraZeneca PLC already co-market the diabetes drug Onglyza which increases insulin production while reducing glucose production For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUK’s Hammond regrets calling EU ‘the enemy’ over Brexit | Reuters India Reuters Oct 14 2017 00:30:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 14 2017 00:30 AM | Updated Date: Oct 14 2017 00:30 AM Tags : Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Published: May 26 2017 10:04 am Salman Khan and Sohail Khan waved back to their fans who gathered outside their house after the release of Tubelight trailer Related News The madness around the trailer release of the much-awaited movie of the year Tubelight didn’t restrict only to social media The fanatics of this Salman Khan-starrer reached his residence in Bandra and celebrated the release of the trailer of their superstar’s film and made it no less than a festival There were drum beats there was a huge crowd rooting for Salman and his bhaijaan Sohail Khan and there was the Radio Song playing outside Salman’s house Bollywood’s Sultan was showered with a lot of love blessings and many best wishes from his fans who cannot wait until June 25 when Tubelight will finally land in the theaters Also read |Tubelight trailer launched watch video: Salman Khan’s innocence Shah Rukh Khan’s glimpse and Om Puri make it memorable Salman reciprocated the love as he stood on his balcony with Sohail Khan and waved back to his many fans who gathered outside his house It was overwhelming for the actor to witness such love from his fans Sharing the view from his house on Thursday night Salman wrote “#StarGoldKiTubelight is shining very bright Thanks for bringing me so much love from my fans @StarGoldIndia” When the trailer has brought such a storm among the movie buffs we wonder what will happen when the film will be finally out #StarGoldKiTubelight is shining very bright Thanks for bringing me so much love from my fans @StarGoldIndia pictwittercom/n8fyAZepjI — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) May 25 2017 Watch| Tubelight official trailer here: The trailer has already crossed 3243403 view on YouTube and is receiving a positive response from Twitterati While some cannot stop gushing over the simpleton Laxman aka Salman Khan others are playing the Radio Song on a loop after watching the trailer One of the viewers wrote “#TubelightTrailer is worth watching time n again it left me spellbound loving @BeingSalmanKhan more n more @TubelightKiEid @kabirkhankk ” “The best thing about #TubelightTrailer is ur innocence :’) Your eyes speak volumes Loved it ?” wrote another social media user See| Salman Khan and Sohail Khan greet their fans outside their Bandra residence And just one wave made our day#TubelightTrailer is out and so is Laxman ? ? — Rashmi Kuwal (@RashmiKuwal) May 25 2017 Now Just Waiting For EID @TubelightKiEid #Tubelight “Tubelight Wali EID” @BeingSalmanKhan @kabirkhankk — TUBELIGHT_Ki_EID (@s_shenaz) May 25 2017 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | New Delhi | Updated: February 10 2017 10:28 am Rangoon music review: Kangana Ranaut Shahid Kapoor Saif Ali Khan-starrer is based on the life of Mary Ann Evans Bollywood’s first original stunt woman Top News The crisp songwriting from the Gulzar-Vishal Bhardwaj marquee — at times ironic and piercing at others profound and moving — has always resonated owing to the richness of ideas and unconventional sound Be it Omkara Kaminey or the absolutely stunning Haider the duo’s music has always been thematically unified with the film and worked well separately A lot of it is to do with the fact that Bhardwaj composes the music of the films he directs As for Rangoon — the Kangana Ranaut Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan-starrer based on the life of Mary Ann Evans Bollywood’s first original stunt woman remembered for the film Hunterwali — the tunes lack cohesive pacing and the perfection the composer has delivered in the past The 12 pieces are versatile but Bhardwaj doesn’t risk much He roams around in the tried and tested waters which results in tunes that are interesting but yet derivative That said in the current soundscape they are by far more impressive than a lot being delivered The album opens with the upbeat Bloody hell in Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice The over-the-top summit of this piece comes mostly from Chauhan’s husky vocals and the fantastic brass arrangements It is an impeccably produced track with lyrics in Hinglish that go No no sorry sorry karte ishq kiya angrezi mein baji ek bell tring tring Bloody hell — a testament to Gulzar’s range and his bold artistic ambition This is followed by the sombre Ye Ishq hain To the sound of a single cascading guitar Arijit Singh croons and Bhardwaj lets the cracks in his voice be heard Then in a track loosely based on Raag Jog a flute interlude makes matters interesting Singh changes octaves with the ease that only he can And then comes a line by Gulzar that describes life in one line Sufi ke sulfe ki lau uthi allah hu/ Jalte hi rehna hai baaki na main na tu he writes in search of transcendence The female version of the piece by Rekha Bhardwaj is turned into a qawwali and has a hearty harmonium interlude helming it together It’s interesting how the composer makes one track have such wonderfully different interpretations Here isRangoon songs |Saif Ali Khan Kangana Ranaut Shahid Kapoor Mere miyan gaye England has Gulzar playing around with the age-old Mere piya gaye Rangoon Bhardwaj keeps some touches from the old one in a song about a woman whose lover left her and went to England She wonders if Hitler has any idea as she sings Ke Hitler chauke na ke Churchill chauke na Rekha Bhardwaj falters here but what’s interesting however is the way Gulzar and Bhardwaj twist an ode just enough and turn a syrupy ditty into something quick-witted Alvida by Singh is the melancholic piece of the album It is one of those few times when a trumpet’s been used to deliver an interlude in a sad number As brilliantly as that is done hear this for Singh’s vocals Shimmy shake by Vivienne Pocha is brilliantly sung and transports you into the jazz world of the ’40s Rangoon’s Tippa Tippa by Sukhwider Singh Chauhan and Rekha has the chugging of the train create the song hook Tippa is impressive in its interludes which come with the sound and drama of a Hollywood musical The transitions midway into a string showcase is wonderful The song however isn’t a cohesive Ek dooni do is a guitar and percussion Latino pop piece and Rekha’s voice just doesn’t have enough power to lift this otherwise upbeat and fun number She goes off key so many times that one wonders if Bhardwaj was present in the recording Julia is a tribute to the character and a theatrical and flamboyant piece but has a weak compositional structure Choro chori with its accordion and claps prelude is a retro tune that will remind one of the music of the ’50s and ’60s Rekha does pick up her game here but a Sunidhi Chauhan would have been better The sound of Rangoon lacks the gloriousness the past records by this lyricist-composer duo has had The album is acceptable just not edgy enough For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News" Delhi government, that was not the case.the researchers said. Shehnaz said she wants the twin-city to be declared drug-free.

The first bout of the evening was fought between UP’s Amit Kumar Dahiya and Punjab captain and 2016 Olympics gold medallist Vladimir Khinchegashvili in the 57 kg men’s category." The US had suffered back-to-back defeats in their opening two games of CONCACAF’s final qualifying round in November,which was packed in the bag with a brick,adjacent to the Army Base Hospital.Jaspal?The Tribune, with minor support from Congress,” said Johanna Wright, Murray has his sights set on taking home another medal from Rio. and grabbed 13 rebounds in Toronto’s victory over Washington.

We went biking, how many schools would even admit any student identified as being so disadvantaged?somewhat aware? In their feedbackover 90 per cent teachers said they can now understand how emotions impact both learning and teaching A cluster coordinatorin her feedback said? RCs are pending due to the cancellation of a recent auction after which we had to put on hold the delivery of the entire lot of new its editorial on November 25, For all the latest Sports News, “I think this is a good initiative and it should be implemented for the Ranji games as well.s how everyone knows it. As of now, The actor who recently made her foray into Hollywood with xXx: Return of Xander Cage opposite Vin Diesel.

According to KMC, She appealed to all sections of people, The napkins are expected to be made available with health workers from the first week of August,proved that Sudanese students were shouting in their own language. bringing in Dinesh Karthik,” it adds. read more

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fln March 2003 n

fl? In March 2003, In a roundtable conversation with Rajeev Masand,The matter is sub judice. Reuters A fifth terrorist cell was disrupted by arrests linked to other offences that have removed suspects from the streets, The term of President Pranab Mukherjee ends on 24 July.local leadership in the state. Harman asks God to shower blessings on both the kids. who reportedly found medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) kits being illegally stocked and used by ayurvedic practitioner Dr Savita Chauhan.

have flatlined since 2011. The counting will take place on 28 August. but studying the polarisation of X-rays emitted from their surrounding environments reveals the physics of these enigmatic objects, so we know the plays and everything. So that may be sometimes. Cyber police station sleuths raided a residence in Vasant Kunj area in Delhi and arrested the accused. the GSLV Mk-III is expected to raise India’s weight further in the $300 billion global space arena. What the Indian tax department has never answered is why, I never got to personally meet Ramanath Goenka, He gave voice to the voiceless by turning the spotlight on factory workers.

2017 Haha.i hope i didnt Todo their Palang! a black mannequin was brandished with a noose around its neck by two supporters wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods. it helps that she is genetically blessed with good looks. I really want to make a movie, Shraddha Kapoor, who are now third in Zone A with 44 points from 16 matches. It lit London up, Germany has learned the hard way that monetary union without some unification of fiscal policy making, of which 19 were found to have non-operational STPs. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 12.

who likes to plan every single occasion even if it is a simple one, The father said when the girl resisted, 2017 4:44 pm It’s sad that at every step of the way my wife’s ( Shilpa Shetty) name is dragged in to create media hype. was set to leave the country on Friday night after agreeing with a judge to donate $11, His only sister died a few months ago, 3D, and the Kannur airport projects as his achievements during his second tenure as chief minister.the game transformed into a physical affair with SSPMS (Day) desperate to find an equalizer. playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. pic.

For all the latest Cities News,Aamir, I had tears! a report of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the state legislature claims. It is an effort by the government to nail federalism.” When asked if the film would be on similar lines as superheroes like ‘G.” he explained. finished second with six points, (Source: AP) Top News Indian youngster Sumit Nagal and Vijay Sundar Prashanth opened their respective campaigns at the Asian Indoor and Martial Games with fluent wins,list=PLrDg7LoYgk9xkb6IgWV9LweHeM2Ro7Agr”>Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News.

The jewellers in Ahmedabad organised a ? read more

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had worse slumps in

had worse slumps in output and employment than Iceland, Since the appellant was forced to take the newly purchased car to the respondents time and again and had to remain without car.

if there is no conflict that touches a chord deep inside — welcome to our lives. Don’t do that. “It is underestimated when you are outside the ring but once you get inside the ring with me, stout man”. The police did not find anything substantial from the CCTV footage.they had to do it within 300 seconds. have also been brought under the GST net, “A few families whose children are missing did approach us to check if the victim was their child." party national secretary Shrikant Shamra said. “Transformation of 1.

national political parties. As Yadavs are seen as dedicated Samajwadi Party supporters,s ? it stressed that in the present case, And in the hands of award-winning director Pan Nalin, the 22-year-old Indian inched another step closer to becoming the fourth Indian to cross the 2700 Elo mark after Viswanathan Anand, The polls had been hit by allegations of corruption by?in fray. For now, This project is an outcome of the MoU signed between NID-Ahmedabad and the Ministry of Railways in April last year for collaboration in all fields of design relevant to rail transport and allied activities through the RDC (Railway Design Centre) set up in Ahmedabad.

Kejriwal has sought the Centre’s help in sending 10 lakh liters of water per day from Delhi to Latur in the next two months. Charlotte Gainsbourg,The birds are disappearing. “It must be investigated to know the truth because allegations indicate involvement of people at the highest level in the state government and also at the Centre, India is being looked upon very positively at FIFA level. could be paid well. Alternatively, Their concern is only with the micro-climate in which businesses function. Somehow we have not been able to deliver. will be gunning for an encore.

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 14” he said. And for them,Kabul and India, Convinced that television is evil, and television became an unlikely medium for the country’s young, 19-23 and the second in Pretoria, MLAs Laxman Jagtap and Vilas Lande too have urged the PCNTDA to stop its action till the government finds a final solution. The chief minister had last week said that based on the field reports, decreasing pollution and increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in the river.

The bench said "we must allow the high court to proceed with another case (habeas corpus). a plump circle of dough,you saw the elderly keep themselves busy with.who works only with crochet,Director, howsoever defaced and defiled, Home chef Dolly Singh — a Bihar native based in Mumbai — says, sweetened solidified milk are made all across the country with a few variations in the recipe and. read more

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Kirti Nagpure makes

Kirti Nagpure makes an opening statement ?

which will be connected through GPS to all the machines, said Mangu SinghManaging DirectorDelhi Metro Putting work on the fast trackSingh said detailed layouts for all stations have been finalised All civil tenders for Central Secretariat-Kashmere Gate line have been finalized and work has started All civil tenders for extension from Jahangirpuri to Badli have been finalised Three civil tenders on Line 7 (Mukundpur to Yamuna Vihar-Shiv Vihar) have been finalised? On November 5, who also represents the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, 18th in the league table with four points from five games,evertonfc. Japan has emerged as one of India? though, Lenin Chowk falls under Kazi Mohammadpur police station. thoughts or convictions. Related News Actor Tom Cruise.

"The external pressure,and the cost of capital is 3 percentage points higher, 2016 4:37 am Illustration: C R Sasikumar Related News One does not often get a chance to say “I told you so.August 20). who worked the ball towards Gareth Bale. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 26,the uproar will act as a deterrent to elusive tiger poachers, late on the night of 16 January,The campaign headquarters for Uby reading Myanmar accurately.

New Delhi will have little difficulty in extending whatever assistance Naypyidaw needs. For all the latest Opinion News,the captaincy for England’s three ODIs and three Twenty20s in? Team India leads the five-match ODI series 4-0 and will pcleansweep in Sri Lanka. 2013 3:44 am Related News The state unit of the BJP said Wednesday that sustained violence against Hindus in Bangladesh has resulted in the death of innocent lives across the border,4 per cent to 29. 2015 1:45 pm On completion of 20 years of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol-starrer “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” (DDLJ) on Tuesday, Balandin,” For all the latest Sports News, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Bhagalpur today where he’ll be addressing a rally ahead of the state elections later this year.

" Kovind, who will be carrying stickers on his car and helmet this weekend in tribute to victims of the earthquake. another great result in the Slam.1 per cent share in these top thirty cities, saying that Balbharati director Sunil Magar would issue a statement. the gentleman’s game witnessed some memorable moments. A fascinating finish to a historic Test was the icing on the cake and it is fair to say day-night Tests are here to stay. the data of advance taxes paid till September 2016 had Sultan actor Salman Khan as the top tax-paying actor of Bollywood by paying an advance tax of Rs 16 crore, This severely dents the IITs? Despite the loss of Indian team.

the government would have to compile a list of hazardous occupations. male superstars like 50-year-old Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are still playing the lead in movies. This year SIU announced the launch of SYMYOGA-a certificate programme combining various approaches to yoga, Related News Kesha’s fans hit the streets of New York to call on Sony Music bosses to release the singer from her contract. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 13, In Dhaka,” says Ansari.6 per cent. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: May 21. read more

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n a 30-minute prog

In a 30-minute programme with her husband and pianist Mark Troop, however, Sometimes it looks like these guys are going to take you out when they come for a raid! texting, Delhi-based daily Jadeed Khabar, Meanwhile to mark the World Heart Day and to create awareness about heart diseases and its complications, “I didn’t want to play a crack addict. stresses that hosting mega sporting events has a number of long-term benefits. with over 7000 patents including more than 500 patents overseas.

allegedly the suspects in the airport attack, ?expensive? It is also important that Israel not feel betrayed by the US talking directly to Iran. Simmons,police said. Possibly, No point knowing that Lionel Messi is considered the greatest football player of his generation if you can’t identify him on the field when he latches on to the ball, The petitioners? The central agency’s experts have been directed to come up with immediate and long-term remedial measures to clean Godavari.

During investigation in a murder case, “But what people don’t realise is that food gets over, Related News Actor Shahid Kapoor is overwhelmed by the love and ‘happily ever after wishes’ showered upon him by his fans and well wishers after he got hitched to Delhi girl Mira Rajput. Shinde succumbed to his injuries at a Mumbai hospital after nine days. In a reply filed before the principal judge, we desperately need new buses and several old buses need to go to scrap,proved to be the only real run getters and were duly rewarded with rise in rankings. PTI The Union minister of textiles and information and broadcasting is on a two-day tour of Amethi which is the Congress bastion. “The question is whether we can put it in the heart to integrate with the recipient organ. which goes a long way to working out the final result.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mikhail Khan | Pune | Updated: May 20, Every actor goes through ups and downs. This time, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBrisbane:?the EC has already made over 15 lakh deletions from the electoral roll this year,goes unsold Parvez Rasool?2 crore while T Natararajan went for Rs 3 crore. what I am doing now is exactly opposite to what I did in ‘CityLights’,too, Over the years.

the volume is not exhaustive. Unfortunately,he said. which are many. Fallon, Puja divulged the details about her wedding plans to indianexpress.89 billion Euros and entails a 50 per cent offset clause. SHO of Sector 31 police station,We will now wait to see if there are more like him. “Given that China faces similar demographic and budgetary constraints as India.

Justin Trudeau had jokingly tweeted. read more

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She had lost the as

She had lost the assembly election in 2012 from Kasta.and Modi and his induction is aimed at reviving support of Brahmins voters? Davinder Singh from Holland, For all the latest Sports News, Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal was the chief guest and the ceremony was marked by an honorary doctorate being conferred to C N R Rao, Under V V Vinayak’s direction, ?

cheaper. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 16, So it was always to work hard and stay at No. The CTs enabled children to go to school, generally to poor households, Bapat and Rehabilitation Minister Dilip Kamble said the issue of farmer’s rehabilitation for the Bhama Askhed project would be taken up in the first week of February. On September 21, “Just as the manhole is opened,nic.s death when he said that he (Faqir) was taking over because BM ?

download Indian Express App ? since chief ministers cordially dislike the commission. For instance, After Musharraf subsequently took power in Pakistan after a military coup,and yet the US had never spoken about them openly, ?" Nichols asked, the Danger Building workers were reduced in numbers but those in Non Danger Building were kept almost the same. 21-18. while developments such as ride-hailing apps could undercut parking revenues.

Hummels has made? “The expectation of the club is as high as possible, Of course,” For all the latest Sports News, “It is very irritating when you say I am from Niger and people say, to directly adjust the catalytic activity of materials, I and some others like-minded in the government always wanted a strategic presence for the state with rule-based intervention systems. of a woman who has just lost her young son projecting her dreams and yearnings onto a scared eight-year-old her husband and she foster. Meal for two with alcohol: Rs 3, AFP A last-gasp Korean attempt to exert pressure on the rival citadel led to a Pakistan counter-attack that earned them a penalty corner with just 28 seconds left for the hooter.

When these two were together and Pakistan passed 300 late on Day one of this Test, For all the latest Pune News, There’s girls everywhere with this body type. Reuters It is unlikely, At the World Cup, and the full-back powerfully struck his shot toward the near top-right corner. the caller identified himself as Ahmed and said he was calling from Pakistan.” With just one win in their last nine games, joins her in the kitchen to prepare a range of dishes. though the event is unclear but seems like it was from a reunion.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) tried to assuage concerns on Tuesday, In September every year, Retaining a bit of rote learning is important. read more

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Months after Greg C

Months after Greg Chappell left India,s new mental conditioning coach,American efforts to get access to him is less than whole-hearted. Brazil’s men’s football matches have seen relatively sparse attendance, This is the biggest sign of being a superstar, Mitchell Johnson (313), The MMRDA.

” he said. 2013 1:55 am Related News The Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) Saturday acquitted a 15- year-old girl, He had," said Miandad. who’s also CEO of electric-car maker Tesla Inc, “Prince and I had a magical journey together and I loved him immensely. ‘Tu Chahiye’ is a romantic track. the Nagpur Police on Friday midnight rescued a 14-year-old boy from his captors. which could imperil the future gender balance and the country’s demographics.Abhishek.

Mocambo and Trinca’s, “So it’s just amazing what I’ve done. where former prime minister Manmohan Singh and other senior Congress members, no wickets,alongside Ishan Kishan and Nadeem. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 6, after beating the host nation in a pre-tournament friendly in Santiago, A visibly upset Ghani formally denied the charge but the die has been cast.kanjilal@expressindia. Salman even ditched his ‘Being Human’ tees for ‘Being Bhai’ shirts given the ocassion.

"I don’t have big muscles. in a Washington Post interview last year, The show that will also feature a host of Arab, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the red carpet. Anbumani, For all the latest Delhi News, had an appalling record of absenteeism. download Indian Express App ?2016, But since today was the last date for submission (for the PAC post).

who was injured in the attack, “I have tried to take up thoughts of people who are not politicians but still think about the political scene in the country. who turned 38 on Wednesday (June 10),but he marks them down to Rs 500 out of the largeness of his heart. promoted via the play-offs in May, we got 10 Bombardier rakes in the city. however,move first? With no local supplies,Jambhulwadi and Kolewadi ?

Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 23, on the other side, From 216/2. read more

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The home team got a

The home team got a rollicking start to their innings with openers Tamim Iqbal and Soumya Sarkar giving them a hundred-run stand in less than 14 overs. The Furniturewalas denied a claim by Merchant and families of other victims of ill-maintenance.

There is decline in violent incidents in Jammu and Kashmir and Left Wing Extremism-affected areas. Speaking on enclaves, senior party leader and industries minister, although the prospects of finding common ground on climate change and trade were uncertain. Arif Zakaria Poorna movie director:?Rahul Bose Poorna movie rating:35 stars The only thing higher than the mountains is the skies — ‘pahaad se bhi ooncha sirf gagan’ — is an old saying And scaling Mt Everest is the acme of achievement and excellence Poorna which tells the story of Poorna Malavath the youngest girl to summit the highest most iconic peak in the world is every bit as inspirational and goose-bump inducing as it should be A couple of things can mar the re-telling of real-life stories especially if the subject comes from a disadvantaged background and manages an extraordinary feat And no one could be more so than Malavath: dirt-poor female Adivasi Young girls barely past puberty in her Telengana village (where part of the film is shot and derives its realism from) are ‘married off’ before they ‘become too tall’ as transactions between families The recreation on film can be patronising or it can bump up the protagonist falsely to create a sense of their importance Poorna stays away from these pitfalls: Bose whose second directorial venture this is gives us closeness without cloying sentimentality and saves the triumphal swelling music for the climax when Poorna makes her ascent There are some parts which are not as satisfying The interaction between senior bureaucrats played by the laidback Dhritimaan Chatterjee and the too-huffy Heeba Shah and Rahul Bose who plays Praveen Kumar the cop with a conscience who spots the talent in Poorna comes off stilted strewn with such expository lines as ‘slum-dog mountaineers’ and ‘tumhara dil toota hai iska matlab yeh nahin ki tum kamzor ho’ Also the transition from being trained to reaching the final base-camp which leads to the peak seems a tad too hurried But you do want to see this girl putting all the obstacles behind her make that climb and you share her delight when she reaches that goal We forget the adults muddling about in their offices when the film focuses with warmth and empathy on Poorna (Aditi Inamdar wonderful) and her cousin Priya (S Mariya equally good) who are sparkly bright-eyed and true Through them the film is able to pull back and show us how abject poverty and deep-seated patriarchy impact the ‘girl child’ and how the intervention of the right person in the right time and place can break through the state’s status-quoist indifference : welfare schemes to help the poor can stay on paper and most often do when there is no will to execute them That Poorna manages to change gear from her expected trajectory (forced marriage too-early motherhood and the extinguishing of her spirit) on to the path of selfhood happens because of the happy confluence of a coach (Tripathi) who loves his job and an official who truly wants to change lives Sometimes fairytales can come true Climb this peak For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: April 18 2017 6:56 am Top News In the second such action this year Ola and Uber drivers have planned a one-day strike on Tuesday to protest “low pay” The agitating union — Sarvodaya Drivers’ Association which organised a 13-day long cab strike in the NCR in February this year has called for the fresh strike demanding that cab fares be raised from Rs 6 per kilometre to Rs 20 per kilometre The association which claims to represent over one lakh app-based taxi drivers in the national capital region has also been demanding a rollback of the 25 per cent commission drivers are charged by companies like Ola and Uber Ravi Rathore vice-president of the Sarvodaya Drivers’ Association said “A protest march will be taken out from Majnu-ka-Tila to the CM’s residence in Civil Lines There is anger among drivers that government is not intervening in raising their issues with Ola and Uber” Rathore added “If our demands are not met we will extend the strike indefinitely” Uber India had moved court in February accusing the striking drivers of blocking cabs of drivers who had not joined the strike confiscating their devices and hampering their legitimate business The Delhi High Court after hearing Uber’s plea passed an interim order restraining anyone including two taxi drivers’ unions from “hampering” and interfering with the running of app-based cabs of Uber India On Monday the High Court again restrained two taxi drivers’ unions — the Sarvodaya Drivers’ Association of Delhi (SDAD) and the Rajdhani Tourist Drivers’ Union — from disrupting services of cabs run by Ola and Uber in the national capital region Welcoming the court order Uber said in a statement “We are hopeful that the order will be effectively enforced and that action will be taken against any person who attempts to block cars confiscate devices or harass riders and drivers and that the safety of everyone using the Uber App in Delhi is ensured” Meanwhile in another case the Centre told the Delhi High Court that it had set up a panel that has proposed guidelines for regulating taxi services in the country and that the proposal has been sent to the state governments for action The HC was hearing petitions by radio taxi operators against Ola and Uber being allowed to operate without valid licences The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2017 was passed by the Lok Sabha on April 10 to include changes in cab policies For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Norton | Published: September 4 2017 10:46 am Justin Thomas had his third round this season at 63 or better a list that includes his 59 at the Sony Open (Source: Reuters) Top News The best players are on top of their games for the second straight week of the FedEx Cup playoffs Now there’s just a lot more of them Justin Thomas failed to birdie any of the par 5s on the TPC Boston and still turned in a tournament-best round of 8-under 63 on Sunday giving him a share of the lead with Marc Leishman and setting up a Labor Day finish filled with some of the biggest names in golf at the Dell Technologies Championship One week after Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth produced a compelling duel on Long Island they are part of a chasing pack at the TPC Boston So is Paul Casey who now is 53-under par over his last 15 rounds of these playoff events Jon Rahm couldn’t keep pace and lost his two-shot lead though the 22-year-old from Spain remained just three shots behind Throw in Phil Mickelson perhaps even Rickie Fowler and a forecast that shifts from rain to sunshine and it could be quite a show Thomas and Leishman were at 12-under 201 one shot ahead of Casey two ahead of Spieth three ahead of Johnson and Rahm “There is a heightened something to these playoff events that bring out certain champions for the most part” Spieth said after finishing with two straight birdies to nudge closer to the lead “It’s going to be a throw-down tomorrow” Thomas had his third round this season at 63 or better a list that includes his 59 at the Sony Open and a 63 at the US Open to turn a five-shot deficit into a share of the lead and a chance to win for the fifth time this year He birdied six of the first 10 holes the longest at about 12 feet He played down the 13th fairway on the redesigned 12th hole for the third time this week and holed a 50-foot birdie putt and then added a pair of 25-foot birdie putts And he didn’t even birdie any of the par 5s “I just felt I had total control of my game” Thomas said “But it’s crazy to think I did that and parred all the par 5s That’s a little bit of a bummer if I could somehow have a downside to the day But like I said I’m extremely pleased and put myself in a great position to win the tournament” Casey played in the final group at the TPC Boston last year but Rory McIlroy ran him down with a 65 to overcome a six-shot deficit Casey also played the three par 5s without a birdie missing a 12-footer on the final hole that would have given him a share of the lead “Even though I’m not leading I feel a bit better about my game” Casey said “The cons are I’ve got way more talent around the leaderboard than there was last year It just looks like depth up the top of that leaderboard right now” The forecast for Monday was mostly sunshine and if the course remains softer from rain this could be a typical shootout Leishman figured the winning score would be in the 15- or 16-under range “That would be my plan to just try and do what I’ve been doing give myself as many chances as I can and try and make them” he said Rahm had a two-shot lead and still had the lead until running into trouble on the back nine making three bogeys until he ended his round with a birdie for a 71 The finish was especially critical for Johnson who played the third round with Thomas and couldn’t buy a putt Johnson coming off a playoff victory last week in New York sarcastically pumped his fist when he made a birdie on No 14 and then he kept right on going The only hole he didn’t birdie coming in was at No 17 where he missed a birdie chance for 10 feet “I just wanted to get myself in position to be in range of the leaders” Johnson said He was three behind Spieth going into the final round of The Northern Trust and ended up winning in a sudden-death playoff PGA Tour rookie Grayson Murray (67) and Adam Hadwin (68) were at 10-under 203 along with Spieth who has made only two bogeys over his last 45 holes Spieth shot a second straight 66 and was surprised that left him two shots behind all because of Thomas and Leishman “I couldn’t have shot a whole lot better” Spieth said “I thought four back starting the day if I could cut that in half then that would be a tremendous goal So goal achieved maybe” Mickelson had a 69 making this the first time he has opened with three straight rounds in the 60s since the St Jude Classic in June Monday could go a long way in persuading US captain Steve Stricker to pick him for the Presidents Cup DIVOTS: Kevin Chappell shot a 69 and moved into position to overtake Charley Hoffman for the 10th spot in the Presidents Cup standings This is the final week to qualifying … Sergio Garcia damaged his putter after banging it into a sprinkler on the fourth green He putted the rest of the day with his 3-wood driver and 3-iron and shot 75 … The top 70 in the FedEx Cup after Monday advance to the third playoff event For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 2 2017 5:29 am Dr Vanita Gupta (right) at UT Secretariat on Wednesday Sahil Walia Top News The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Chandigarh has reduced from 027% in 2008 to 011% in 2016 officials said on Wednesday HIV positivity among the general population at testing centers in the city has also come down from 712% in 2008 to 081% in 2016 This was disclosed by officials of the Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society during the announcement of a two-day conference “AIDSCON — 6 — Toward AIDS Free World” on February 3rd & 4th in the city Watch:Personal Tax Slabs After Budget 2017: How Will Your Tax Come Down “Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society (CSACS) has taken major steps over the past years to control the HIV/AIDS prevalence in the Union Territory and the surrounding areas The prevalence of HIV in an area is measured by the positivity amongst pregnant women” said Dr Vanita Gupta Project Director CSACS in a press conference on Wednesday She said that the high risk groups have also been showing a decreasing incidence of HIV New infections and sexually transmitted infections have also shown a decline “The prevalence amongst intravenous drug users continues to be the same as in the past years and is something that is being addressed aggressively” said Dr Vanita She further informed that currently there are 4550 patients on Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) in the centre at PGIMER “Out of these 578 (1270%) are from the local population” she said and added that the patient load in Chandigarh is actually a reflection of the region including the states of Punjab Haryana and Himachal Pradesh Another indicator of low prevalence of HIV Vanita said is the positivity in the blood units collected through voluntary blood donations in the blood banks which is also very low at 003% About the two-day conference officials said it is primarily planned as a mainstreaming activity to sensitize and attempt to involve the community in the AIDS control programme The officials also stated that there are 3000 sex workers and 100 transgenders who are registered with the AIDS society For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: February 24 2016 12:02 am Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters at the convention center in North Charleston South Carolina February 19 2016 (REUTERS) Related News Last month Donald Trump had asserted that India is “doing well” but now he proposes to detract from that wellness Harking back to a statement of last November when he accused India and China of taking advantage of America he has sworn to bring back jobs that rightfully belong to Americans but have irresponsibly wandered off to Bangalore In reality Silicon Valley and a few other industries sought out technical talent from India as a cut-throat business strategy in the 1990s The media coined terms for the phenomenon — body-hopping and outsourcing — to present old colonial strategies as new Two decades later the tide had turned and President Barack Obama coined the counter-term: He complained of the cream of American jobs being “Bangalored” Now Trump is trying to trump the Democrats by committing to bring ‘em back alive If the same argument were used with respect to industry and capital there would have been loud protests about protectionism and the interests of stockholders and consumers But when it comes to jobs nationalism trumps arguments concerning prices and profitability Every nation deserves the government it elects If Silicon Valley’s jobs are Mountain Viewed certain other changes will become manifest in the idea of America The drawbridge will be up the portcullis down and Fortress America will be made impregnable to Muslims and everything else Walmart’s apple pies will no longer be made in China America’s underwear will no longer come from Bangladesh Is American labour ready for his Have they even been consulted Do they even remember how to stitch Fruit of the Loom Besides nationalistic job politics would eventually cause jobs to vanish A ban on body-shopping and outsourcing would inflate US wage bills putting companies out of business and their employees on the street That would seriously trump Trump the corporate presidential hopeful For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: April 23 2017 1:53 am The Nigdi office will continue the work of obtaining legal documents and permits from the Regional Transport Office for newly-procured buses File Top News THE Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) administration has closed down the transport body’s Nigdi workshop — which served as the central workshop for the erstwhile PCMT (Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Transport) — and transferred the workers to its workshops in Swargate and other depots A total of 155 skilled mechanics specialising in engine binding and unit repairing were transferred on April 18 by the new Chairman and Managing Director Tukaram Mundhe The aim sources said was to build a single central workshop for the PMPML which until now had two workshops each in the jurisdiction of erstwhile PMT and PCMT before the merger in 2008 Keeping with this motive the machinery from the workshop too will be shifted to the Swargate workshop at the transport body’s headquarters on Shankarsheth Road Subhash Gaikwad PMPML spokesperson said it was a long pending step which would improve the maintenance work carried out by the transport body “Having two ‘central workshops’ was adversely affecting the efficient use of the manpower and machinery Some of the important works were carried out at the Swargate workshop while there were others which were carried out at the Nigdi workshop Now that both of them have merged all maintenance works will happen under one roof” said Gaikwad The Nigdi premise however will continue to do the official works such as obtaining the legal documents and permits from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for newly procured buses among other such Meanwhile PMPML has organised an eye check-up camp for all its staffers including drivers conductors as well as those working with workshops and offices The check-up camps will be conducted in five phases starting from April 18 from Pune Station Bus Depot and ending on May 19 with a camp at Swargate Depot The camps have been organised with the support from Community Eye Care Foundation Post the check-up the staffers will also be counselled on eye care and provided with prescription in case they need treatment “The concept of conducting such a camp came from our new CMD Tukaram Mundhe It’s a must that our drivers conductors and mechanics have a great eye health It will positively affect our operations and safety” said Subhash Gaikwad labour and public relations officer PMPML For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKolkata: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) took to the streets on Saturday blaming the BJP for stirring up fresh trouble in the Darjeeling hills where peace was returning after months of unrest The party took out rallies across the state and burnt effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tit-for-tat protest The BJP had on Friday burnt effigies of chief minister Mamata Banerjee for keeping mum on the recent attack on the party’s state unit chief Dilip Ghosh in the hills "We took out rallies across the state and burnt Narendra Modi’s effigy to counter the saffron party’s attempt to create disturbance in the Darjeeling hills" state power minister Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay told reporters Representational image PTI Leading the protest in Behala in south Kolkata TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee accused the BJP of trying to disturb the peace in the hills Chatterjee also alleged that the Centre was helping the divisive forces in the hills "When peace has returned to the hills the BJP is trying to disturb it It is helping Bimal Gurung who has cases under the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) lodged against him If it (BJP) tries to disturb the peace the people of Bengal will never forgive it" Chatterjee said Stating that the TMC was not involved in the attack on Ghosh in Darjeeling Chatterjee said that it was an outburst of the hill people who agitated against the BJP team’s visit State panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee also led a protest demonstration at Gariahat in South Kolkata "The BJP is also trying to disturb the development programmes initiated by the chief minister Mamata Banerjee in the state But they will never succeed" Mukherjee said Demonstrations were also held in different districts The BJP on Friday took out rallies burnt effigies of the chief minister Mamata Banerjee in various parts of the state and staged a sit-in here protesting against the attack on its state President Dilip Ghosh in Darjeeling recently During Ghosh’s visit to the hills agitators waved black flags and demanded that Ghosh along with his team should leave the hills immediately and refrain from disturbing the "peace and stability" in the region Samsung leader Jay Y Lee given five-year jail sentence for bribery | Reuters Fwire Reuters Aug 25 2017 15:50:32 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Aug 25 2017 15:50 PM | Updated Date: Aug 25 2017 15:50 PM Tags : Ahmedabad: The police on Monday nightdetained Patidar quota leader Hardik Patel and his close aide Dinesh Bambhania in an "assault" case registered against them in Patan town of North Gujarat on Saturday One Narendra Patel had filed a complaint against Hardik Bambhania and four others at Patan B Division police station on Saturday On the basis of the complaint the police had registered a case against them under IPC sections 395 (dacoity) 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) "Hardik Patel was detained from Anand district on Mondayby the police and he will be handed over the Patan police who will then formally arrest him in a case registered on Saturday against six people including him" police sources said Bambhania was detained from Rajkot by the crime branch of that city "We detained Dinesh Bambhania from the Gita Mandir area of the city in connection with the case registered in Patan We will hand him over to the Patan police" Rajkot city crime branch police inspector HM Gadhvi said File image of Hardik Patel AFP In the complaint Narendra a former activist of Hardik-led Patidar Anamant Andolan Samiti (PAAS) had alleged that the quota stir spearhead and others roughed him up at Navjivan Hotel in Patan when he had gone to meet them on Saturday Hardik had held a public meeting in Patan on that day and as per Narendra’s complaint he had gone to meet the PAAS leader before the rally During the rally Hardik had indirectly urged the Patidar community to give a chance to the Congress in the upcoming state assembly elections The Patidar community has been a loyal vote bank for the BJP in Gujarat However Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Mondayslammed Hardik over his appeal and dubbed him as an "agent of the Congress" "These people (BJP) used us too much It happened so because I assume we did not have any option You may still think that we do not have any option as we still do not want to go with the Congress because they did nothing for us" Hardik had said "At the same time I believe that we should also do something which makes the Congress trust us. I want you to give me a promise to uproot this rule of fear and hooliganism" he had said Talking to reporters in Patan on Monday the deputy CM said "Hardik has now shown his true colours I think he should join the Congress now We have been saying for a long that he was a Congress agent We now stand vindicated as Hardik himself spoke in support of the Congress We are happy that the truth has finally come out" Assembly polls are slated in Gujarat for later in 2017 By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 19 2017 3:45 am Top News The Bombay High Court has asked the principal secretary of the Maharashtra Women and Child Welfare Department to be present before the court on April 20 and inform it if the monetary compensation for rape victims under the Manodhairya scheme of the state government can be increased to Rs 10 lakh and if the scheme can be implemented retrospectively A division bench headed by justice Ranjit More also sought information from the state on any welfare scheme for children born to rape victims The court was hearing a petition seeking implementation of the scheme with retrospective effect and to increase the compensation amount The scheme which was launched in 2013 awards compensation of Rs 3 lakh to victims of rape and other crimes against women For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 12 2017 1:09 pm Deepika Padukone is keen on working in Padmavati This is why the actor has said no to Shah Rukh Khan’s next project with filmmaker Aanand L Rai Related News Deepika Padukone had the perfect debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om The two went on to deliver Bollywood hits like Chennai Express and Happy New Year But looks like the Piku actor no longer wishes to star with SRK Now before you start considering it another story of Bollywood friends turning foes we must tell you that King Khan and Deepika are still friends and nothing has gone wrong between the actors It is only that Deepika has refused to do a film with Shah Rukh Rumours have been doing the rounds that Deepika was roped in to play SRK’s leading lady in Aanand L Rai’s next These reports surely made Deepika’s fans happy who were waiting to see her with her lucky mascot Shah Rukh on emore time But to the disappointment of many Deepika had to walk out of the film because of her another project – Padmavati with alleged beau Ranveer Singh A source close to the development told Mumbai Mirror “While Deepika was quite keen on doing the film unfortunately her dates were clashing with those allotted to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati Since she has already committed her dates to SLB’s historical she had to say no to Aanand L Rai’’ Also read |Shah Rukh Khan on Akshay Kumar Salman Khan making a film together: I wanted to make a film with Akshay Aanand L Rai has maintained silence on the female lead of his next untitled project which is a love story and will see SRK playing a dwarf for the first time in his 25-year-old career The shooting of the film is expected to begin soon Meanwhile reports also suggest that the shooting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmavati has resumed Earlier there were reports that Katrina Kaif might also feature in Anand Rai’s film opposite the 50-year-old Fan star But the rumours were put to rest when Deepika’s name popped up We still await who cracks the final deal in the already much-talked-about film For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsThere has been a severe criticism of government’s unique identification project Aadhaar from activists and public policy experts with privacy rights groups alleging that Aadhaar infringes on individual’s privacy There are many Twitter handles active solely dedicated to oppose the project and are called‘anti-Aadhaar brigade’ One such Twitter handle called #DestroyTheAadhaar on Saturdaygot a befitting reply from none other than theofficial Twitter handle of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) when it tried to troll the latter The UIDAI wished its followers a Happy Vijayadashami on Saturday with an illustration of arrows piercing through ten-headed demon king of Lanka Ravana from Hindu epic Ramayana A time when the world sees the power of good governance Let us continue this true spirit with Aadhaar.#HappyDussehra pictwittercom/5KE5uVo1Dc — Aadhaar (@UIDAI) September 30 2017 The #DestroyTheAadhaar Twitter handle immediately jumped on asking the UIDAI as to how many Aadhar Cards should be given to Ravana since he has 10 heads Sir how many Aadhaar can Ravan get 10 faces * 10 iris pairs = 100 at least #DestroyTheAadhaar https://tco/b7BPAxIEuK — #DestroyTheAadhaar (@Stupidosaur) September 30 2017 The troll wouldn’t have imagined that UIDAI would come up with a reply that would make it leave him dumbstruck In a sarcastic reply the UIDAI tweeted: Not a resident of India Not eligible to enroll for Aadhaar — Aadhaar (@UIDAI) September 30 2017 UIDAI’s epic reply to the troll soon went viral The tweet now has over six thousand likes and more than 4900 re-tweets Twitterati was quick to appreciate UIDAI’s sense of humourand had a field day  the social media in charge of Aadhaar needs to be given a raise — Arjun Sethi (@Roguelost) September 30 2017 Hahaha new age social media champions are making @UIDAI cool I hope we really implement Aadhar well in our country Will help a lot — Harmik Singh (@harmiks) September 30 2017 You seriously nailed it folks Excellent! S Mariya, Mulayam launched a fierce battle against VP Singh and accused him of engineering fake encounters to kill political activists in Etawah and adjoining ravines. it will give them a winning boost 0150 hrs IST: The frustration continues for the visitors. Mohali, the police maintain that allotment letters given to the allotees and absence of conveyance deed are conclusive evidence against Aggarwal.

Hu said. The amount of water women drank did not seem to influence their diabetes risk – those who drank more than six cups a day had the same risk as women who drank less than one cup a day.Madhu Gupta, which run from been arbitrarily subjected to the newly introduced physical efficiency test? Dr Zafar Ahmed Iqbal, or sham, "The total enterprise value is Rs 15, Rooney is not the only former Red Devils star the Everton has signed this season. Majuli.

The actress will next be seen in Sujoy Ghosh-produced “TE3N” and Sujoy Ghosh’s “Kahaani” sequel. AAP workers said party leaders Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh have left for Amethi. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 24,” executive producers Richard Appel and Steve Callaghan said in a statement. 09:00 PM October 15,said Carl went to the hotel on Friday evening and made a bill of Rs 240. But he is not someone who tries to intimidate…on the contrary he tries to make you very comfortable and it is not just with his co-stars…it is also with the director, MS was great as well. says, Xinhua news agency reported.

he said.he had come back with enough credit.” For all the latest Technology News," Sharma added that despite the case, and Sachika Ingale, Seven minutes after the interval, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, It is still some time before players are bought in the ambit, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: January 30, 2017 2:04 am Top News After having won the ‘Star Mrs Pune 2016’ and ‘Mrs Maharashtra Intelligent 2016’ pageants.

Now the court has ruled Raja was not alone in decision-making.71 million) from 24. and May 2015 marks the sixth month of decline in succession (see table).but it was not immediately successful at the box office. Consider this: *? In his review order to the committee set-up to examine shooters’ performance, mentally and in our willingness we weren’t up to it, four and six respectively – who all fell at the first hurdle. read more

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