Workers Union launched for Seafarers

first_imgThe Guyana Seafarer’s and General Workers Union (GS&GWU) was earlier this month issued with a Certificate of Registration of Trade Union, by the Registrar of Trade Unions.Located at the Guyana Church View Hotel in New Amsterdam, Berbice, the GS&GWU has been certified to represent mainly seafarers and those within the maritime sectors.During his brief address at the launching of the ceremony, Rion Peters expressed the important role of a trade union, adding that it brings great benefits to the working class.Peters declared that the Opposition is prepared to give full support to the new union and it members. He also urged persons to join the Union’s membership to ensure they receive the representation that is necessary for themNew Amsterdam Mayor, Winifred Heywood welcomed the establishment of the GS&GWU.Heywood supported the efforts of the Union’s executive and reminded about the benefits that come with having such representation.“Trade unions are necessary to provide good representation to it members. Members should not only rely on the Union’s executive officers to conduct all the functions however, because members also have a very important role to play since a union in made up of both members and executive officers and working together will determine the effective function and progress of the Union.”The GS&GWU saw a large number of persons registering even before the Union was launched. This number has increased significantly since the launch. Fifteen executive members were registered to perform the Union’s business in an effective, productive and honest manner. “We have strict rules about the performance of our officers and penalties that apply when they fail to carry out their functions effectively. Executive officers are mandated to properly serve and provide the relative services to all union members,” Heywood further noted. The Union is made up of prominent and experienced persons within the maritime industry. The Union is set up to provide representation for workers and to also assist in job recruitment of members.The body will also be providing monetary and other aid where possible.The Executive team comprise of Captain – Oswald Prince, President; Captain – Geet Ale Smit, First Vice President; Engineer – Glynn Roy Campbell, Second Vice President; Navigator – Timothy Seegobin, Third Vice President; Requiting Officer – Simone Fortune, General Secretary; Trade Unionist/Chief Cook – Micah Williams; Chief Negotiator and Principle General Secretary, Navigator, Dexter Jones.Principle Treasurer /Principle Asstistant General Secretary Eion Rodney serves as Research Officer/Assistant Treasurer; Alica Dowridge serves as Office Secretary; Captain Henley John as Field Secretary and Assistant Research Officer; while Captain, Willard Nelson, serves as Principle Assistant Field Secretary. Captain Lindon Johnson is the Assistant Field Secretary, while Sahadeo Christenpaul, Rooplall Harrilall and Keith Grimmond are committee members.last_img