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Board of Education for example proposed a public burning of textbooks thought to be subversive (In a crucial distinction from the Nazi book-burning most American incidents took place on the local level; the federal government was well aware of the backlash that would come with publicly burning books says Fishburn) In 1953 at the height of the American book-burning debate the American Library Association and American Book Publishers Council issued a statement defending “the freedom to read” It was that same year that President Eisenhower delivered a commencement address at Dartmouth imploring students “Don’t join the book burners” As Fishburn notes in his book Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 came out in 1953 having been written in the context of this national conversation Fishburn posits that “the iconic role of book burning in the popular imagination took hold and an orthodox position on book burning was forged” in this period between 1933 and 1953 Book-burning by then had become a sort of shorthand: if you are on the side of book-burners you’ve already lost the argument The release of Fahrenheit 451 in many ways marks the end or at least the culmination of the modern era of book-burning The Nazis had reintroduced the idea to society and the US had learned the hard way that due in large part to that association the practice was taboo By the time Bradbury wrote his book the symbolism of the idea would have been clear to all of his readers and it still holds today As Knuth notes in Burning Books and Leveling Libraries the 20th-century phenomenon of mass regime-sponsored destruction of books has been accompanied especially more recently by more scattershot small-scale destruction such as a Koran-burning planned by a small Florida church in 2010 This works on the same theory as mass book burning does: books represent ideas and destroying them is also a surefire way to get attention even if it doesn’t entirely accomplish what the book-burners wanted And large-scale book burning does continue: In 2013 al-Qaeda-affiliated militants in Mali burned the library in Timbuktu and in 2015 ISIS burned books from Mosul’s library as a show of both ideological and territorial conquest So though the prime era of book-burning has passed and with it the atmosphere that created Fahrenheit 451 the symbolism is baked into the world’s memory and words on fire are still a tragically powerful image As TIME’s Lance Morrow wrote in 1988 after a fire at the main library of the Soviet National Academy of Sciences in Leningrad “whenever books burn one is haunted by a sense of mourning” Write to Lily Rothman at [email protected] A few months ago Chris Soules planted the seed that he wanted to be the new star of The Bachelor ABC agreed that the gentleman-farmer could use the show to look for love and try to lure women to live with him in Iowa Now comes an early glimpse of the farmer reaping what he’s sown In the promo Soules gets in touch with his inner Kevin Costner and wanders through a green cornfield He is soon joined by dozens of disembodied voices of the eager young women more than happy to elbow each other out of the way in the hopes of planting themselves in Iowa on the arm of a charming farmer The result is more Children of the Corn than Field of Dreams but one thing is for sure this season of The Bachelor will bring a bumper crop of corn The new season of The Bachelor premieres on ABC on Monday Jan 5 at 8 pm ET Contact us at [email protected] Fani-Kayode former Aviation Minister on Tuesday reacted to the killings of two Reverend Fathers 19 others in Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State by suspected herdsmen DAILY POST reports that Rev Fathers Gor Joseph and Felix were on Tuesday killed after suspected herdsmen attacked the village Reacting through his Twitter handle Fani-Kayode wrote: “This morning Fulani militants slaughtered 11 worshippers and 2 priests during mass at Gwer East in Benue “It appears that the military carnage in Gwer West 6 days ago has further attracted Fulani militants to massacre and completely stamp out any form of resistance in the area” The final report into what happened to doomed flight MH370 has been released by the Malaysian government – but provides very few answers to what happened to the plane and where it is now in one of the greatest mysteries in aviation historyOne of the reports few concrete conclusions is that the plane travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers on board in March 2014 was deliberately and manually turned from its course either by one of the pilots or by a third party Communications equipment had also been turned off before it flew for over six hours in a south-westerly direction before crashing into the Indian OceanOnly three pieces of the Boeing-777 aircraft have ever been recovered spread as far north as Tanzania to as far south as South AfricaKok Soo Chon the lead investigator said in a press conference that it could not be established whether the plane had been flown by anyone other than the pilot but nor could they exclude the possibility of unlawful interference by a third partyStaff arrange the copies of the final investigation report on missing flight MH370 in Putrajaya Credit: PAHe said the planes diversion could not be attributed to anomalies in the mechanical systems and it was not possible that the plane had been remotely taken over by hackers In terms of the pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah Kok said he was very competent and had an almost flawless safety record The co-pilots flight simulator was seized as part of the investigation but nothing suspicious was found on it and there was no criminal or psychological evidence to suggest any of the crew deliberately crashed the plane as part of a suicide missionKok added that while some of the evidence strongly suggested unlawful interference – such as proving that the planes turn-back was a deliberate action – he also recalled that no terrorist group had claimed responsibility for MH370s disappearance Relatives of passengers on board the missing MH370 speaks to media Credit: PAThe investigation also found that all four of the planes emergency locator transmitters had failed meaning they didnt give off the normal distress signals that would have helped find the plane It also criticised the air traffic control staff in both Malaysia where the plane took off from and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where the plane was passing on its way to its intended destination of Beijing Kok said: "The air traffic controllers did not initiate the various emergency phases required of them thereby delaying the activation of the search and rescue operations"They did not maintain a continuous watch on the radar display did not release control according to the agreed transfer time relied too much on masked information and did not initiate the various emergency phases as required"Day of Remembrance for the MH370 event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (March 2018) Credit: PALoved ones of those on board MH370 have been patiently waiting for over four years for answers of what happened and have criticised the governments latest report for meticulously disproving various theories without providing real significant answersThe Malaysian government had said the report was to be the final one – but have since backtracked on that statementGrace Nathan a lawyer whose mother was on board said on Facebook: "Ladies and gentlemen after 45 years of investigation the conclusion. is: 1 We dont know what happened 2 We dont know why it happened 3 We dont know how it happened 4 We dont know what if anything is going to be done about it"And after a joint $200m search operation by Australia China and Malaysia was ended last year and a privately-funded underwater search was called off two months ago with no findings theres a strong possibility the families of those lost will never know what happened to their loved ones in one of the most unprecedented aviation disasters in history Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World news which was founded in August 2016. 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