More protests over lapdancing plans

first_imgAn estimated two hundred people gathered in Bonn Square last Saturday to protest against lap dancing at Thirst Lodge.Members of St. Ebbe’s Church, local residents, students and leaders of the local Muslim community came together to protest against the establishment of Thirst Lodge as a sex encounter venue.Kat Wall, OUSU’s Women’s Officer, told Cherwell, “We’ve come together with various different groups from across the community to say that we don’t want lap dancing to take place here. The main reason for this protest is, basically, we’re very concerned about the harms that will be put on many members of the community.”Oxford City Council leader, Bob Price, urged the public to sign a petition against the Lodge’s plans to host lap dancing. He said, “We’re very opposed to this application because it runs entirely counter to our image of what the city centre should be about, and as many speakers this afternoon have said, it would certainly raise the possibility of more crime and violence and attacks on women in this area.”An online petition campaigning against lap dancing at Thirst Lodge on the grounds of the prevention of crime and disorder and the prevention of public nuisance has over 1000 signatures.last_img